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Youtube's hidden gems from yesteryear (last updated: 14/07/2012)


Eric Cantona does a Cantona at the 40th anniversary game of the Munich Air Disaster in 1998. Old Trafford watched United beat a beleaguered Rest of the World XI 8-4.


“Yawn. Tricks. That’s all he does. He’ll never be any good. Give it a few years, and you would have all forgotten about him and moved on to the next one-trick pony.”


This is worth three minutes of your time (because, let’s face it, you haven’t got any plans tonight). Would it be too hyperbolic to say that the injury to referee Mike Peck – that made for seven minutes of injury time and so where United inevitably scored the winner courtesy of Steve Bruce – helped pave the way for a wonderful period of success during the 90s and 00s? Well, yes, probably. Still. After this win against Sheffield Wednesday in ’93, United gained vital momentum to snatch the League crown from second-placed Aston Villa by winning their last five games of that season. DISCLAIMER: They didn’t actually snatch the winners’ trophy, though. They won it fairly.


Simply the Best.


Cole and Yorke. No more needs to be said (mainly because I can’t be bothered to write anything). Actually, no, read more here.


Ah, the internet isn’t so bad, after all – this is a YouTube gem (first 15 seconds). The general interplay: breathtaking. Ole Solskjaer’s first touch and dribble away from the defender: gorgeous. Paul Scholes’ darting run into the box, complete with a neat finish: *faints*. Lovely stuff in a pretty remarkable game.


Neville! Big ol’ Gary runs us through the ‘Game of the Decade’. Probably. Extra reading here.


Ah, Big Pete with a goal in Manchester United’s last UEFA Cup game in ’95. Let’s forget about the atrocious defending/goalkeeping that allowed it to happen or the fact that United went out on away goals, shall we?


Even Roy Keane is smiling. (After the Cup final triumph in ’94)


Skip to 1:20. Half-arsed defending — and goalkeeping — at its best.


There isn’t a single bad goal in this one (United 7 Barnsley 0, October ’97) but the sixth is textbook stuff. Well, maybe not textbook. But, anyway, it is very good. Skip to 1:10. Andy Cole finds Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who hits a pass first time and Paul Scholes, the delightfully carrot-topped Scholes with fully-functioning legs, eases past a defender before chipping the ball over the miserable sod in goal. Told you it was good.


Here’s a brilliant montage of Manchester United’s title winning 1992/93 season. It was Sir Alex’s first championship win for the club, too. WARNING: Viewer may be swept away from all of the nostalgia and end up in a state where they think it’s 1993, again.


Skip to 1:14. You will not regret it, I promise. (1. That’s Kenny Dalglish by the way, but you already know that and 2. That offside trap. Amazing.)


This led up to, yes, that, classic one-two goal between Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke against Barcelona in 98/99. Would that have stood in present day? Probably not, no.


First five minutes of a United-Juventus game in the Champions League (96/97). Note the exhilarating, intense start; you probably wouldn’t find that in Europe these days. Let’s ignore the utter randomness of uploading just five minutes of a 90-minute long sport, though, shall we?


Four things about this:

1) Seba Veron’s finish; beautiful.

2) Bad standard of defending all-round which, actually, was a running theme for United in Europe at the time…

3) Forlan! (Diego’s first goal in 479 matches for the club.)

4) Watch from 1:06: note how Ruud van Nistelrooy is reluctant to hug a bare-chested Veron. Brill.


6 responses to “Vintage Youtube”

  1. Written Offside says :

    Even more beautiful was Veron’s pass to RVN and then his lovely cushioned finish. Wonderful to see. Great idea and look forward to more soon!

  2. Dunc says :

    First piece of silverware? What about the 1990 FA Cup?

  3. matty (@mattyadams84) says :

    awesome links on here , always good to look back over the years. keep up the good work #MUFC

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