Manchester United’s Seven Deadly Sins

Manchester United through Dante’s eyes … 

#1 – Envy

Ruud van Nistelrooy faces up to a pampered Iago, Alex Ferguson is angered by Paul Gascoigne, Willie Morgan isn’t George Best and Bobby Charlton wants United to be like Barcelona …

#2 – Pride

Eric Cantona enjoys angry Leeds United fans, Roy Keane doesn’t necessarily enjoy anything, Andy Cole writes his one and only song and Alex Ferguson thinks like Matt Busby …

#3 – Gluttony

Alex Ferguson gets picky, and then becomes Rex Banner, Roy Keane takes on Liverpool’s Spice Boys and an unproven midfielder tests everyone else’s patience …

#4 – Sloth

Fabien Barthez does a Barthez, George Best loses interest, Dimitar Berbatov shrugs his shoulders and Roy Keane doesn’t like it when Peter Schmeichel does a Barthez … 

#5 – Greed

Matt Busby lectures Denis Law, Andrei Kanchelskis wants out, Alex Ferguson chides Wayne Rooney and Van Nistelrooy comes to a realisation … 

#6 – Lust

Jaap Stam picks up a pen, George Best plays his greatest game, Alex Ferguson makes a u-turn and Billy Meredith seeks player power …

#7 – Wrath

 Alex Ferguson kicks a table, Wayne Rooney scores a goal, Neville is taught a lesson and Cantona is just being Cantona … 


Explain yourself. The difficulty in attempting a series such as this is that nothing is ever definitive; and that probably, all judgements are instinctive. The deadly sins overlap, where someone’s idea of ‘wrath’ could conceivably be filed under ‘pride’ by another, ‘lust’ for ‘greed’, ‘greed’ for ‘envy’ or ‘gluttony’ and so forth. Perhaps by committing another one of the cardinal sins, ‘sloth’, could one example lazily appear multiple times under multiple categories, which sounds more tempting the longer the fingers are flexed. But the aim of this series is not so much about the sins as it is covering aspects of history (a lot, understandably, recent history that is easier to access) but delivered in a way that, hopefully, doesn’t take itself too seriously.


When people say nice things*: “Original ideas are hard to find, which is why the “Deadly Sins” series on ManUtd24 is a whiff of fresh air.” – Denys Koval, United Rant

“United’s 7 Deadly Sins is … imaginative and entertaining.” – Martin Occleston, PickOurTeam

*These are more for personal reference than an attempt to be showy. No, seriously.


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