Paul Scholes: The Silent Genius

Paul Scholes

“I am not a man of many words but I can honestly say that playing football is all I have ever wanted to do.” – Paul Scholes

24 major honours later, it comes to an end.

Paul Scholes is a “great role model for any young English midfield player,” mused Jack Wilshere on Twitter this morning and indeed that is an accurate reflection of the man who must go down as England’s finest midfield player of this generation. There was little he couldn’t do or didn’t do. His longevity and consistency, the fact that he’s played the game for such a long period of time and still played well propels him alongside some of the footballing greats.

Quietly, oh so quietly, he amazed us – from the volleys against Bradford City and Aston Villa many moons ago, to that goal against Barcelona in 08 and the crucial injury time header against City in the 09/10 season. These moments, as well as his visionary passes into the final third, is all that we have left, now.

Eulogised by many, Paul Scholes is considered a “genius”, “amazingly gifted”, or simply “the best”. You’ve seen the tributes; for they number into their thousands. In truth, there isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said – so, instead, I leave you with perhaps (and arguably, for there are many contenders) his greatest Manchester United goal ever:

[Sigh] Farewell, Paul Scholes. Farewell.

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3 responses to “Paul Scholes: The Silent Genius”

  1. Tshepo says :

    What a goal this is. great choice

  2. Arshavas says :

    I’m just depressed today… The best english midfielder I’ve ever seen in my life!!!
    What a BRAIN!!!!!

  3. thefootballinghedonist says :

    This has always been my favorite Scholes goal. Inspired choice.

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