Darron Gibson was not deserving of Twitter barrage

Darron Gibson is no fans’ favourite at Old Trafford. And, having joined the ‘twitterverse’ earlier today, the Irishman found himself subject to a number of ill-mannered ‘tweets’ that, we can only speculate, forced him to close his account within two hours. 

Darron Gibson

By Annie Eaves – freelance journalist

Darron Gibson eh? Gibbo. What a bloke. He had a dream and worked hard and accomplished it. He may not be the most talented footballer but he made it. At Manchester United.

He managed to be a part of a squad and did what was asked and became useful to the manager as the club approached a record breaking nineteen titles. A dream comes true. A reality made from aspiration. A boy done good.

Except no. Not if you’re part of a certain aspect of our great club’s fan base who deems the young man to be past the point of support. A player you would be embarrassed to cheer in your oh-so-knowledgeable peer group. It makes you more of a United supporter when you hate Gibson. It makes you more of a United supporter when you hate your national team. In reality it just makes you a bit of an idiot.

You see, Darron Gibson has the temerity to be a player for United, something you failed by a mile and half the world. He’s the worst player to pull on that shirt you claim to support, the worst you’ve ever seen. He wouldn’t make it in the Championship. He steals a living. He’s a fraud.

Obviously the majority of players who have played for our great club throughout history are a class apart from the rest. We always have the best players. Yeah you may think of names from decades gone by but obviously they count for little. Our team is of this age. Unfortunately much of our support is too.

There’s a different aspect to this. A religious and nationalistic aspect. An aspect that as a Mancunian I couldn’t give two hoots about. So he doesn’t play for Northern Ireland, and? So he chooses to play for the Republic, and? To be honest I couldn’t give a camel’s whisker whether he played for The Cook Islands.

You want to use him as some pariah to feed age’s old hate or new anger? I couldn’t care less. You want to support my local team then you’re very very welcome but bring your problems with that and let them affect your support then I feel you’d be better off in Glasgow. And Glasgow would be worse off for having you. Darron Gibson isn’t ever going to be Xavi, let’s hire the firing squad for a convenient time next week.

Or, alternatively, let’s get behind the boy as he fulfils his dream. If our manager feels he is right for the team then you have to accept that on that particular day. Explode with frustration if you like and criticise performances. If you feel you have a burning rage then perhaps look at other issues surrounding yourself rather than Darron Gibson, the young footballer.

The idiots, and frankly that’s what the anonymous keyboard warriors are, who attacked him today for daring to open a Twitter account, have probably defined the concept of being pathetic. Don’t rate the player? Fine. Want him sold? Fine. Attack the guy anonymously with cowardly threats? Fine?

Not fine anymore. Just understand it says more about you than it ever will about Gibson. Unfortunately as a club we have a section of support always trying to prove something to an often inexistent peer group. United better than England. Carrick worse than awful. Gibson deserving of hate.

It’s about time we stood up against these idiots. Our club is Manchester United and long may it remain that way. We don’t have to agree all the time, God forbid we ever do. However we do have to understand what the concept of support means.

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17 responses to “Darron Gibson was not deserving of Twitter barrage”

  1. Cathrine Olsen says :

    I so agree with you! So what if he’s not the best player out there, but he’s still young he can become better . At least he’s way above the idiots behind the keyboards mocking other people like that, not cool! I’m ashamed for the people that write so awfull stuff. Didn’t their mama teach them “if you have nothing nice to say, shut the hell up”.

  2. JamieMRatcliffe says :

    Fantastic, very well put.

  3. joeltar wambtov says :

    Gibbo is better than me and I respect him. I respect SAF who deems him good to be in the squad list. That makes me a Red devil 4ever. If you think otherwise, join the BITTERS!

  4. Dirty Mancs says :

    You stay classy Mancs…

  5. WatchMUFC says :

    I agree the lad doesn’t deserve all these comment on his twitter. If you were one of the people who wrote abusive comments to him I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

  6. spookluke says :

    Does it really make you some kind of super fan if you unwaveringly accept every decision Fergie makes when it comes to the squad? Disregarding Gibson joeltar, what about Klerberson, Bellion and most likely Bebe?

  7. Trevor Nulty says :

    Superb Annie, I am also tired of the crap some UTD fans come out with and the behaviour of them, especially on Euro aways, they display a little England mentality and act like complete knobs, it is about time out supporters sorted these knobs out.

  8. jamestaylor11 says :

    Not condoning the abuse, but I cant help but think Gibson has been favoured by United’s financial situation.
    In the past Kieran Richardson, Fraizer Campbell and Chris Eagles have all been sold despite being younger and of similar ability.
    If you look at Everton’s team, for example, he probably wouldn’t start ahead of Fellaini, Cahill and Arteta, so is he really a “Manchester United player”?

    • rlisu says :

      Now, as I said, am not a big fan of Gibson. But the answer is YES! When you see him in a United shirt, playing at Old Trafford it kind of means that he is indeed a United player. Yes, I know I am being picky and its not exactly what you meant, but this “is he a Manchester United player” thing really annoys me. We have all kinds of players, some great, some not so great, some honest and hardworking, some cheats and those who don’t work very hard, they are all United players. We may have our own opinions, but the man who matters most, at least till July, thinks that he is indeed a United player, and of United quality. Fergie is not very sentimental. Obviously he sees something in him that we do not. he may have given up on Gibson and he will be sold, but for close to 60 games and a few years he was a Manchester United player.

  9. Nick says :

    The fact is that gibson played for all our youth teams and even our 21s which our FA paid money for and then he goes and declares for the republic. It’s not on, he deserves everything he gets

  10. emanuel bugeja says :

    Those suppose to be MUTD fans who commented on twitter against Gibson do not deserve to be part of our beloved Club, who are they to question Sir Alex squad selections ? If Sir Alex sees him good enough to be part of the squad then he must possess the ability to be in the squad, so please lets all get behind Sir Alex and his players, after all with these players we have a good chance of winning the premier league for a record nineteenth time and also in good position to be in the final of the Champions league.

    Glory Glory MANUTD

  11. Andrew says :

    Really well written. Imagine the stick Fletcher would have got a few years ago, and look how he’s valued now.

    I’m sure all United fans would prefer Sneijder in the team than Gibson, but whoever is in the team should get our support.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think Gibson is going to make it, but…
    1) His workrate is unquestioned. It’s not like he doesn’t care.
    2) Fergie sees something in him. I feel like I know a bit about the game, but Sir Alex sees Gibson every day and has almost 40 years management experience.

    It does seem like a lot of the vitriol is coming from Northern Ireland. The United fans I know thing of Gibson as an average player, but don’t hate him.

  12. desmond says :

    it is better 4 gibson 2 stay in d squad 4 furture use. He is good but he has no tackle and long pass. Let talk abt ramires of chelsea when he was new there he didn’t improve but after some matchs he improve. Gibson haven’t got d chance 2 improve. So let keep him is a furture player.

  13. Roshan says :

    All that vitriol is pretty OTT for my liking. We’ve had dross much worse than Gibson turn out for us and he isn’t as bad as either of those legends such as Miller or Djemba-Djemba who played for us since 2003. If he resolves this can be a watershed moment for him in his career. He has got talent, more than what Fletcher was at his age and Dazza is now a first teamer for us.

  14. Millsy says :

    I don’t think Gibson is good enough to be a united regular but I do think he’s good enough to be a squad player like wes brown oshea and co he is very frustating at times he shoots on site to much and 7 times out of 10 it’s off target I wouldn’t be disapointed if he stayed or went I don’t think he deserves the abuse he got on Twitter but unfortunaly that’s the way people are they think because the get paid ridicoulous wages they can’t make mistakes united till I die I support bebe obertan and every player that wears the shirt come on boys beat schalke tonight

  15. rlisu says :

    Very good post. This season Gibson has indeed been a bit shite. And so much so that I do want United to get rid and give a shot to a player like Cleverly. He simply has not moved forward from the promising midfielder we saw a couple of seasons back.
    But to act like this “directly” to him is inexcusable. A bunch of cowardly e-warriors. That’s the problem with the internet, anonymity and the cover of a computer screen gives morons like that a chance to act like muppets. Pathetic coming from fans of the club he plays for. Its one thing to make your opinions known on a football forum when they are mostly in context instead of just plain abuse, and its another to abuse the player directly.
    Sad really. Someone mentioned the stick Fletcher used to get. He did, and a lot. I know of one person who actually said it to his face at the gate of Carrington. At least he was brave enough to call him shite to his face. And after Fletcher’s reaction he became a fan. Can’t remember what exactly was the response, but it was said in humour. The idiots however are pathetic.

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