Guest Post: Rooney dormant but not extinct

Wayne Rooney

After the terrific away win over Wigan at the weekend I heard many a Red suggest that possible disciplinary action against frontman Wayne Rooney could be a good thing for United with the striker seemingly blowing hot and cold. I for one am a firm believer in the old adage that form is temporary, class is forever and Wayne will erupt again, hopefully on Tuesday at Stamford Bridge.

The argument put forward by many Reds was that a prospective ban for Rooney would benefit United and would enable new found cult hero Chicharito to possibly gain a starting line-up in the biggest game of the season so far. Now this could still happen and don’t get me wrong I am a huge Hernandez fan, he has been a revelation this year but with the news today that the FA will take no action against Wayne after his altercation with Wigan’s James McCarthy it seems very unlikely that Chicho will retain his starting berth, despite his great form.

Rooney should be a definite starter in my eyes, there is no doubt he is edging towards his best, just at a slower pace than we would like. His goal against City showed what he is still capable of, but more encouragingly in the second half against Wigan, Rooney dropped deep and dictated play, demanding the ball like the Wayne we know and love, this merely added to my theory that Wayne could easily replace Paul Scholes in the United midfield but that’s for another day.

The matter in hand now is how United navigate two massive weeks starting with tough away trips to Stamford Bridge and Anfield, followed by a home tie against Marseille and then a possible FA Cup quarter final clash against Arsenal. In these types of games you need your big players, no matter how they are playing. I feel that Rooney’s contribution to the United cause since November has been underplayed, yes he has not reached the goal scoring heights of last year but only Nani is ahead of him in terms of assists this season.

Another thing you get with Rooney is that when he is having a bad game his work ethic makes up for it. The Manchester derby was a case in point. Far from being at his best his touch just wasn’t there and was shackled superbly by Vincent Kompany but he kept at it and was ultimately rewarded with the moment of brilliance that will always be remembered.

Some United fans still haven’t forgiven Wayne for goings on earlier in the season, I am not one of them but whatever your stand point on Wayne, forget everything off the field and concentrate on what happens on it because whatever happens Wayne will give everything for United and he will need to as testing times lie ahead.

By Nathan Thomas


3 responses to “Guest Post: Rooney dormant but not extinct”

  1. Hermano says :

    I just hope and pray he shows his worth and stop giving the ball away. Should Rooney deliver that will certainly make-up for his poor showings and will pour cold water on some of us anger. I haven’t and will never give up on a player Wazza. ARISE WAZZA! ARISE WAYNE! ARISE!!!

  2. Edward Godwin says :

    Even though ROONEY is not in his best form,his presence in Utd starting line up is enough. Because his presence put fear in the heart of the opponent’s defence. In fact,his contribution to the team alone is wonderful sometimes he play as if he his a middle man,i just can’t wait to see him playing in the midfiled one day.

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