Cut Chelsea some slack + ManUtd24’s festive line-up

Stamford Bridge

Conspiracy theory? Bah – get off it. Chelsea intimidated? Get off it. Well, maybe so to an extent. But let’s put everything aside – forget the paranoia and think straight; the game was postponed because of fears for health and safety. Sure, as fans, many won’t be pleased. You’d be infuriated even.

The general reaction on social networking sites is that of disgust – the hastiness of the call 24 hours before kick off, the fact that the forecast were to improve and such. However, London and the south had more snowfall than most of the country. While it was rather questionable to call the game off (read the excellent blog by Stretford End), the calls by some to dock points are certainly not justified. Chelsea, with consultation from the police, were told not to go ahead with the fixture amid all the panic and disruptions.

It turned out to be the wrong decision, sure, but we must remember other games around the country were postponed; even the other Premier League games on the Sunday, the afternoon kick off between Blackpool and Tottenham Hotspur and the Midlands derby between West Brom and Wolves. Arguably, all three decisions were made out of haste, the day before, – but by docking points off Chelsea, the Premier League might as well consider doing so for Blackpool and West Brom. Not to say the League will, they probably won’t, but the actual plea to do so it a bit needless. Cut Chelsea some slack – the decision might have been put into question but they’re as much to blame as everyone else.

And as United fans, we’d rather win the championship by grinding out results as opposed to the misfortunes of others…

_ _ _

Rafael plays Santa, bringing festive cheer amongst all. However, Scrooge, played by Tevez, is having none of it.


To get into the festive spirit, and with a little help from the good people on Twitter, I’ve devised a Christmas themed XI (and some subs)…

Christmas XI (incidentally, in a Christmas tree formation 4-3-2-1):

  • Goalkeeper:
  • Pepe Reinadeer (Liverpool)
  • Defenders:
  • Steve Harkness the Herald Angels Sing (Liverpool)
  • Away In Nemanja (Man Utd)
  • Mistle-Tony Adams (Arsenal)
  • Zat ‘O Holy’ Knight (Bolton)
  • Midfield:
  • Baby Jesus Navas (Sevilla)
  • Rory Delapland (Stoke City)
  • Peter Santa’s Beard-sley (Newcastle)
  • Forwards:
  • David Eggnog (Liverpool)
  • Craig Jingle Bells-amy (Cardiff City!)
  • Holly Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United)

Bench: Jim Sleighton (United); Christmas Carol Poborsky (United); Paul Ince Pies (United, again); A Bebe is Born in Bethlehem (er, United); Sledley King (Spurs); St. Nicholas Anelka (Chelsea); Ryan Bauble (Liverpool), Ruud-olph Van Nistlerooy (Hamburg); Alan Mulled-winery (Spurs)

Manager: Elf Ramsey

Assistant Manager: Gianfrankincenseo Zola

Many thanks to @GHTT_ for whom provided some (most of these) excellent suggestions on Twitter, as did many others of my lovely followers.


3 responses to “Cut Chelsea some slack + ManUtd24’s festive line-up”

  1. GHTT says :

    Its Like Watching My Babies Take Their First Step Reading Them On This Excellent Blog . . . SO Very Very Proud

  2. aaramz says :

    A Bebe is Born in Bethlehem Hahaha!

  3. Hammed abiola f says :

    What is the lesson from this blog?

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