On that showing, Manchester United look like worthy champions

Manchester United 7-1 Blackburn Rovers: Match Observations

That was more like it. While, rightly so, Dimitar Berbatov will steal all the headlines, this was a complete team performance and United, dare I say it, had the look of champions. It was truly beautiful to watch – for Anderson and Michael Carrick had passed Rovers to death, Nani had dribbled seamlessly as if he hadn’t a care in the world and Wayne Rooney, well, he was close to his very best.

Anderson was most impressive. It was a near-flawless display, very Scholes-esque, managing a monster total of 99 passes, 94 of which were successful. With his future at the club a talking point earlier this week, this was the perfect response. And has he found his position? Partnering an in-form Carrick, he played more centrally and flourished, playing a part in the first two goals before earning an assist of his own. What he has to do now is nail down some proper consistency, and he’ll definitely have a future at the club. The Brazilian was not the only one on top of his game; in fact I could easily write another ten paragraphs for the rest.

While Anderson was busy exercising his samba (?), Nani was too in a rich vein of form. For the opener, he delivered a sumptuous cross and played around with Rovers’ full-backs as if he were they were semi-professionals in the Ryman League. A lovely interchange with Berbatov included one of those rather flashy stepovers, then after a long delay, found Berbatov (who ran 50 years after finding Nani free on the flanks) free and he duly finished. In the process, Pascal Chimbonda was made to look rather silly. Even Park, the frustrating genius, was once again in the goals.

And then there was Berbatov. Love him or hate him…you’ve got to love him. What he displayed was a bit of everything: his finishing was great, as was his vision and positioning, not to mention he even ran the length of the field to score his hattrick goal. lazy? Not on yesterday afternoon’s evidence.  He has eleven to his name – almost half of that number was scored at Old Trafford yesterday.

It was the partnership with Rooney which did the trick. Not surprisingly, considering the last time the Bulgarian even found the net was when he was alongside his favourite strike partner; that was against Liverpool, and that was another hattrick. Correlation. The two complemented each other perfectly, as Rooney was in truly scintillating form. He might have not found himself on the scoresheet on the day United were scoring for fun, but he was the protagonist, dropping deep and creating chances at will.

Blackburn are much better than this, however United could not get much better than this. The visitors played so badly that, really, they didn’t even deserve the consolation goal. United, on this showing, look like champions. But things don’t work like that – a 7-1 result doesn’t automatically mean guaranteed silverware come May. But, considering how badly United played prior to this game, it was definitely a breath of fresh air. Onwards and upwards, they say.


2 responses to “On that showing, Manchester United look like worthy champions”

  1. Tony says :

    Got to make sure we dont over-react to this result. 7 goals but still only 3 points.

    Blackburn were as equally bad as we were good and i think that was the worst performance from an away side this year. Worthy Champions? Ask me after the Chelsea/Arsenal games

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