Predatory Javier Hernandez thinks inside the box

Manchester United's Javier Hernández celebrates with Darren Fletcher

There is an ever-growing concern that the world’s most deadly predators, sharks and tigers for example, are at the brink of extinction but as endangered as they may be, they are still feared by many. As will eventually be the case for the man they call ‘Little Pea’, for he too represents a dying breed of his type. He is also a predator, but rather than lurking in a sunny savanna in North Africa, his preferred spot is somewhere in the 18 yard box.

The Old Trafford crowd witnessed a classic ‘striker’ performance from Javier Hernandez on Sunday against Stoke City, as he proved more than an able deputy in the absence of Wayne Rooney. There, he scored two goals which gave further confirmation of the talent possessed by the Mexican. And whilst doing so, he showed that Sir Alex Ferguson’s faith in buying players from the recommendation of his fine team of scouts, A-list or not, is the way forward.

Hernandez, or Chicharito, is the man of the moment. There is a notion that exports from across the pond fail to come to grips with the English game; and there are numerous examples to be taken from Manchester United such as Diego Forlan, Juan Sebastián Verón and Kléberson. However, let’s not discount two examples that put paid to that particular notion; Tim Howard and Antonio Valencia. We’ll wait and see if Hernandez could join that exclusive club but, for the moment, the omens look good.

Indeed, the best may yet to come and it comes as no surprise that he has been likened to Ole Solskjaer (although admittedly a bit early). The signs are pointing to something as such – five goals so far, four more than a certain Wayne Rooney has managed. He has a tendency to score crucial goals, like he did with Mexico against France in the World Cup, and repeated again in the red of United against both Valencia and Stoke. That strike against the Spanish outfit was impressive in particular – he had little room to manoeuvre, yet produced a clinical finish so late in a game that had looked to end a stalemate. It was a finish worthy of a place in the coaching manuals.

The opener against Stoke was rather special, too, a ‘backwards’ header that had left City’s goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen stunned, and dumbfounded, by the sheer audacity. None of Wayne Rooney’s 34 goals last season came from outside the box and with him otherwise focused on getting back to full fitness and regaining form, United will look elsewhere for an able deputy to act as an outlet for goals. Course, they’ll look no further than their Little Pea, who, in the last few weeks, has grown fast and developed a sweet scent for goals.


11 responses to “Predatory Javier Hernandez thinks inside the box”

  1. reyals says :

    Sunny savannah in North Africa?? Surely not…..

    Might have to go south of the Sahara for some savannah 🙂

    • The Gaffer says :

      Cheers for that. Should have said ‘East Africa’. Anyway, keep it on topic!

    • reyals says :

      Hehe sorry my bad (Was born in DR. Congo). 🙂

      On topic:

      Sometimes I wonder (with all the talented youth we have) if Rooney leaving United would’ve necessarily been a bad thing.

      Players like Macheda aren’t going to be patient for very long (as he has fallen further down the pecking order) and we don’t want to end up losing our best a la Rossi and Pique.

  2. The Gaffer says :

    Reyals, good comment. I certianly see your point, but I always hold the notion that young players develop best when they have plenty of competition thus working extra-hard to impress and someone to learn from; Rooney is this man. Hernandez would learn a lot from him.

    Of course, you point out what might come of if they don’t get their opportunities.

    P.S When you say Rossi and Pique, it sounds a lot like you’re talking Formula 1…! Anyway, I’ve always thought that those two players in particular would not be where they are if they had stayed although they’ve always had the potential; what’s to say Gerard Pique would play 30+ games for United if he had stayed an extra season?

  3. aaramz says :

    Nice article if I must say. In Hernandez I think we’ve found someone we are looking for a long time. A poacher. Sure he’ll be a great player.

  4. Zee Germans says :

    Berbatov should be worried… I agree with aaramz, (to soon to say, but) this is the “natural” striker we were waiting for since Ruud Van Nistelrooy!! Hope he can take the responsability…

  5. The Glutten says :

    I’m as apprehensive as everyone else in lording him too soon, but his résumé is rapidly giving me fewer and fewer reasons why. One of the (very few) stars of the World Cup, an international strike rate that anyone would envy and he’s scored for us at domestic and Champions League level. It’s very hard not to get over-excited but he’s giving us very little choice in the matter at the moment.

    Btw. First-time visitor. Hello Gaffer and all.

    PS. Rossi is Moto GP, not Formula 1. 😀

  6. The Gaffer says :

    Cheers for the comments guys 🙂

    Aaramz, Zee Germans: Agree – we might have just found the player we’re looking for, even the next Van Nistelrooy…(fingers crossed)

    The Glutten: Welcome, hope you stop by more often. Agreed; it’s difficult not to get too excited what with his amazing start. And, er, Moto GP-Formula 1, all the same to me!!!

  7. luckystriker says :

    Lately I’ve been enjoying my green peas again. I wonder why! 😀

  8. Soccer Tryouts says :

    Its a Really great sports to see the ‘striker’ performance by Javier Hernandez without Wayne Rooney.

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