Fans have been let down by the man close to acheiving greatness

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As far as twists go, Wayne Rooney leaving for Manchester City is a monumental one. And the infamous “once a blue, always a blue” phrase that goes along with Rooney wherever he may go may just ring truth again. Circumstances that were pretty unimaginable six months ago.

The general feeling amongst United fans is one of hurt and confusion. Hurt that last year’s top goalscorer would even consider turning his back on the club having been a terrace favourite since his move from Everton, hurt that their talisman, the one for whom they showed so much love for when under-fire, would even consider joining City. And they’re confused, oh so confused.

The 2009/10 campaign was hit best ever. His transition from boy into man was greatly recognised and appreciated. That was the case against West Brom on Saturday. Even going through what looks the least purple of all patches, United fans chanted from the back of their throats for the man to come on and rescue them; he came on yet he did not rescue them. Fans have been let down – although you feel you can hardly read much into that. For, fans will genuinely miss him. Manchester United will miss him.

Old Trafford is his home or so it seemed. Exactly two years ago this week, a defiant and courageous Wayne Rooney was kissing the United badge amidst the jeering of thousands of angry Evertonioans. It looked as if United was his actual ‘home sweet home’, not Goodison. That scenario could repeat itself again at the Theatre of Dreams, with Rooney, dare I say it, in the blue of City kissing the crest of the neighbours who have become more a nuisance in the last few years.

And, having felt betrayed and hurt (that word again), I still have an undying love for Rooney, undying that is, if he uses his brain and turns his back on City. Better yet, if he stays at his adopted home. Old Trafford. One can only dream, and some dreams never become reality – what is for sure is that he probably won’t be at United any longer. Fans are hurt, and Rooney, so close to achieving legendary status, will never be forgiven. Loved, but never forgiven.


9 responses to “Fans have been let down by the man close to acheiving greatness”

  1. Danny Salford Red says :

    Well this is literally the least likely player I could think of in English football who would behave in this way which just goes to show us fans that all of our ‘heros’ are the exact same. Disloyal, detached from reality, completely lacking in any class or humility. I feel so bad I literally do not know why we shower these wasters and thieves with our love and affection any more. Give us football back and get rid of these greedy, thick big headed prats that think they can do as they please.

  2. bruce thomas says :

    Macheda was right — the guy is a pikey chav. he;ll end up with a red bear, in a caravan — and will make Gazza look like a success story.

    Unforgiven — and unloved. Sling yer hook. He hasn’t completed a pass for six months and he’s got the forst touch of the Yorkshire Ripper.

    Let him go an whinge at Citeh. They’ll regret it a thousand times.

  3. bruce thomas says :

    red bear should be red beard, 🙂

  4. Bluenose says :

    Im tempted to say what comes round goes round. Ironic that Rooney should do exactly what he did to Everton 6 years ago. He manufactured a ‘disagreement’ with Moyes at the time and then said he couldnt play for him again – sounds familiar with recent spat with fergie about being ‘fit’ dont you think? The bottom line is that the lad is thick, very badly advised by his family and also by the most greediest mercenary agent of them all who will no doubt do very well out of a move. Believe it or not I do sympathise with those genuine fans who thought that ‘loyally’ still exists. Well now you know it doesnt. As for Rooney the next time he’s tempted to kiss his badge for the next club he plays for – he may as well just pull out his wallet and kiss that instead.

  5. Danny Salford Red says :

    Cheers bluenose. Know exactly how you felt now mate and it aint nice. Will never ever give the time of day to a single thing that comes out of a footballers mouth from now on and will automatically assume they are lying pieces of garbage.

  6. Siena Denton says :

    Sir Alex has left the door open to him and now the ball is squarely at Rooney’s feet-So where will he kick it is the $64 million question…into the net for United OR for another club?

    Only he can answer that.

  7. Zee Germans says :

    Lets just wait and hear what Rooney has to say about the subject… Everyone is getting their own conclusions about it and no one has listen to him… however, no matter what happens, I will always admire this player character and football philosophy!! He is Man Utd heart until his gone!!

  8. Ashwyn Sapry says :

    Rooney’s statement has damaged the club. Surely the club or Glazers will make a statement.

    In his time at united he has won more than he could have anywhere else. He hasn’t been around long enough to remember the days when we never won the league for 26 years. So he does not appreciate what a good run we have had.

    United is a well run company and is not bankrolled by a sheikh. To question United’s spending power is ridiculous. SAF will find us the next talent, while Rooney wants Big Name signing, that has never been uniteds style.

    Go well Rooney, when the new laws kick in we will see how certain football clubs change.

    On to the next One

  9. Siena Denton says :

    Hi again, just had this tweeted in my page…

    Rooney’s response to Sir Alex’s conference.

    Bye 🙂

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