Forget Porto. Anderson’s home is at Old Trafford

Anderson reveals Porto wish‘. I could think of thousands of other headlines I’d rather appear on my screen than that one. For example, ‘Steven Gerrard slips on bar of soap’ or ‘Kieran Gibbs reveals all – the mystery behind his large cranium’. Anyway, Anderson apparently said the following: “I am good in Manchester but I’d like to return to Portugal and my preference would be Porto. I love the country.” Good – he’s “happy” at Old Trafford, however…you must feel a tad concerned at the “preference” and “I’d like to return” part.

The article points out that Anderson has only made four appearances this season, but considering that he’s just recovered from a lengthy lay-off you could only dismiss that with the over-dramatic, dismissive tutting that I tend to do when I read the usual rubbish the web has to offer when it comes to football news.

Surely this isn’t his last season in a red shirt? His somewhat short career has been plagued injury, made more difficult by the fierce competition for a place in a starting line up yet it is obvious that Anderson is a talented individual and someone who can further develop his all-round game. He’s powerful and aggressive as opposed to pacy, and although he’s not the next Ronaldinho as some had said before signing for the club, he brings an extra, useful option to the side.

He can play anywhere in the centre; be it as a holding midfielder or even behind the forward. I personally think his best position is as the defensive midfielder, a position in which he found relative success in his first season at the club. Like Paul Scholes did many moons ago, he can become the perfect box-to-box midfielder, whilst also pulling the strings from a deep position. On the other hand, he’s no mug further up the field. Against Valencia a few weeks previous, he was excellent in holding the up the ball, making darting runs in the centre and good at linking up play. This was also his default when at FC Porto.

Obviously, he needs to address his inconsistencies, but I feel that’s largely down to him not having a position. He played on the left against Sunderland a fortnight ago, where United created next to nothing. Playing out wide is way out of his comfort zone – thankfully, it doesn’t happen often. There’s no doubting Anderson can improve and I think he will; it’ll require patience and most importantly, finding out Anderson’s favoured position. Actually, news just in, Anderson has explained his comments (phew): “What I said was, later in my career, I’d happily return to Porto or Gremio, my old clubs.” Cheers. His future may come into question, and it will do again sometime – but, for the moment, Old Trafford is his home.


8 responses to “Forget Porto. Anderson’s home is at Old Trafford”

  1. vishnu says :

    nice, where were the latter quotes from? presser back in england?

  2. majok says :

    well said The Gaffer! keep on clearing the road as there are just mad people who try complicating thing whenever they come across any Man Utd’s comments. they’re also talking about Wayne too and let these idiots shut up and give the boy time. Form is a matter of time as Rooney rightly put it, and he will be back to his best again. Mnachester United will ever rule Football.

  3. luckystriker says :

    I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Anderson fan. My two main gripes are 1) He hasn’t seemed to develop into a better player season to season and 2) his abysmal shooting.

    To be fair, he HAS had a lot of injuries, but I’d still like to see more Nani-like progress every season.

    • The Gaffer says :

      You’re right when you point out he hasn’t developed as much as expected.

      The Times journalist Gabriel Marcotti told me the following at the beginning of the year []: “Based on what a United scout told me, the club really expected Anderson and Nani to be further along in terms of development at this stage.”

      Of course, Nani has done so but the feeling is that this is not the case for Anderson. I still wouldn’t worry – I, personally, think that injuries has denied him a chance to do so, and the fact that Sir Alex has constantly put his faith in Anderson, giving him big roles and allowing him to play in important clashes says a thing or two about the lad.

      Barring any injuries, this could be his year.

  4. Douglas Crockett says :

    Anderson is pretty much alone in being able to move the ball up the middle. Without Valencia, it seems like 90% of the moves into the other side’s third are via Nani. Variety is needed. Anderson is uneven but the passes he tries for are not easy and when he connects, it’s very effective.

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