Manchester Utd v Arsenal and the not-so-special Monday night fixture

Nani, Arsenal v Manchester United

Ah, the undisputed League classic. Manchester United versus Arsenal – the scrap between two of the country’s footballing heavyweights, a match never short of thrills, spills and clichés galore. While admittedly things have changed and Arsenal are no longer the dominant force as once before, the fixture is still regarded as special and it truly is an undying rivalry.

However, even as broadcasters Sky are making life all that easier by beaming more games than ever to British homes, they have bizarrely opted to show the match on a Monday night, hardly a good time for such a special occasion for a game with so much meaning. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem, but you feel it does dampen the fixture somewhat. The Premier League is best suited to its afternoon kick off’s on a weekend, and Monday is hardly ‘weekend’. The ranting could go on, and on, and on..

The Arsenal game is sandwiched between what is potentially the most testing fortnight of football for Manchester United this season (although the week previous sees United host Blackpool). On the 7th of December, they take on Valencia in what is likely to be the decider in who wins the group. With that in mind, maybe the Monday fixture isn’t that bad. Having hopefully recovered from the European hangover to beat on Arsenal on the 13th, they are given their toughest task yet six days later. A daunting trip to Chelsea. Now, Manchester United’s away form hasn’t been up to scratch so far – but that should improve and it must when they take on the Blues at the Bridge.

This being an international week, I think it’s worth writing about other issues while the news day remains slow – and looking ahead to the near future. Federico Macheda was originally under criticism yesterday for calling Wayne Rooney “vulgar” and “working class”, although those comments were later found to be ‘lost in translation’. Seems, I’m not the only one experiencing a slow news day, then! Anyway, to wrap it up, I think September’s Player of the Month should go to Dimitar Berbatov. Six goals in seven isn’t half-bad, you know?


One response to “Manchester Utd v Arsenal and the not-so-special Monday night fixture”

  1. Tom says :

    I think its great this fixture is on a Monday night. The atmosphere should be awesone and when I think of United v Arseanl at night, I think of Keane v Vieira in the tunnel and the match that ensued. Vidic to nut Cesc in the tunnel anybody??

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