Magnus Wolff Eikrem: How long before the inevitable?

Magnus Eikrem and Chris Chantler in action(Image: MENmedia)

Every so often comes a player who possesses something special; the kind whose raw, impressive talents catch the eye immediately. For Magnus Eikrem is truly, and to use a well-worn cliché, a ‘Star in the Making’. Sure, he needs developing, nurturing and some good old-fashioned Fergie-polishing but what is clear is that the youngster, mentored by another Norwegian, one Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is as close as ever to graduating into the first team.

For, if early season reserve games are anything to go by, the lad certainty has talent. Having inspired the second string to a 4-0 win over Bolton last week, in which some observers called a Man of the Match performance despite Nicky Ajose’s quickfire hattrick, he once again pulled the strings against a strong Blackburn outfit last night and it was his late goal that rescued a point in a 2-2 stalemate. United’s next reserve game isn’t until November and it’s fairly obvious that Eikrem needs some games in order to develop, because frankly, a footballer with such promise should not have a month off at this time of season.

Once you watch the Norwegian play, you can fully understand why I think United don’t need a new central midfielder; plus they have Tom Cleverley waiting in the wings, too. Indeed, he is a perfect long-term replacement for Paul Scholes, although many would be quick to compare him to Cesc Fabregas (or even Luka Modric) as both like to cover vast distances on the pitch. Comparisons are often unfair, but they do have their similarities.

Tom Cleverley was sent on loan to Wigan Athletic prior to the season and although the decision had some baffled (including me), the club and the player are likely to reap the rewards from the spell. A Championship loan move will suit Eikrem just fine; the promise of regular football plus a more demanding, physical league compared to that of the reserves league. Failing that, there is the traditional way spoken of above, which requires patience before the rewards are soon evident. United’s upcoming Carling Cup tie at home to Wolverhampton could be the perfect stage for Magnus Eikrem. How long before the inevitable?


23 responses to “Magnus Wolff Eikrem: How long before the inevitable?”

  1. Utdfan says :

    SAF is too stubborn to play the talented young ones; e.g. Pique who eventually moved back to Barcelona for pittance and became one of their key defensive back-bone as well as offensive threat in the air.

    This is a typical behavior of an old Gaffer who is reluctant to change and prefers to keep faith with the OLD boys whose heart and skill is there BUT have since lost their legs for a full 90 minutes.

    • huzi says :

      Absolute tosh! Fergie had a choice between choosing Evans and Pique, he chose Evans. When Pique was here it was almost impossible for him to get a game, with Rio and Vida at their best, and Brown and O’shea in cover.

      He is stubborn to play young ones???

      Macheda made his debut at 17. Rafael at 18. Fabio at 18. I could go on and on and on, you get the picture.

  2. spoon says :


    Rubbish… Fergie is more than willing to play youngsters, but he won’t do it until he’s sure they’ll do the job. Eikrem’s not been out on loan yet, so that is definitely his next step (though only after a couple of token appearances for the first team to give him a taste).

    Pique just got fed up of waiting to be the next mainstay of our defence. He was being groomed to replace Ferdinand, but got impatient. If he’d waited, he would have been in there by now with Rio’s injuries. And Fergie has proven that he rewards patience to the hard working. Look at Gibson now, not a starter for the most part, but frequently called upon. Fletcher before him too.

  3. Fergie is GOD. says :

    Fergie will bring Eikrem up when he is ready (maybe yr or 2), Cleverley will be a first teamer next yer after his loan spell ends (which he wanted). Fergie know’s what he is doing the Old Guard cn still do it regularly and anyone who think’s different, certainly not been watching. Eikrem, Cleverley, C.Evans, Gill, Norwood, Pogba and Tunnicliffe certainly have’s United future’s. W.Keane, Ajose, Cofie, Devlin, amongst other’s I believe also have future’s at United. Their time will come.

  4. Bobby says :

    By the way how many players are out on loan? last time I checked am sure they were more than 8. Send a few more out for the whole of the season, bring them back after a season send the old guards to coaching jobs within. Let SAF manage them for 1 year with ole has his assistant and let him retire honorably and let Ole continue with managerial role with Quirose as his assistant and sure enough we will see the gem we have been putting to waiting to waste.

  5. Ben Dover says :

    Ole Gunnar Solksjaer?

    His name is Solskjær, or with English letters Solskjaer.

    I think he deserves his name written correctly…

  6. sw says :

    Eikrem is a talented footballer with good vision and good passing ability but is still far too lightweight for the full team. I have watched all the reserve games for a few seasons and I must admit im not yet convinced by Magnuss at all. Last nights game was a prime example. He scored a great last minute goal but before that he gave the ball away constantly and was really weak in posession. I would be more positive about him if he had the type of passing and ability of say a scholes but he isn’t in that bracket. He is not physically ready to go on loan yet so the first team seems miles off.

  7. sw says :

    @Fergie is God. You are being incredibly optimistic – most of the players you mention haven’t a chance in hell of making it at United. The only youngsters (u20) at United that genuinely look to have a chance of being at the club in 3 years would be the da Silvas, Welbeck, Macheda, Cleverly, Pogba, King and Morrison. Even that is being very optimistic when you think about how few players actually make it. If 4 out of those 8 make the first team it would be a great achievement.

  8. The Gaffer says :

    UTDfan: What an ignorant comment. Spoon makes a good point in reply to you, but I think you’re a bit deluded and have been reading too much of the myopia coming from RedCafe. Are you really a ‘UtdFan’?

    FergieisGod and Sw: I think it’s too early to judge some of the players in that list. Some are still in need of good development, although all look very promising.

    Ben Dover: I’m glad no one else replied to your comment or made a similar one themselves. It was a human error. Oh, and I’ve changed it now.

  9. UlikMegee says :

    SW, did you leave out Cofie on purpose? If not you haven’t a clue, because in my opinion he has the best chance of all the youths of making it big. The guy is a scoring machine at 17 years old. he has 8 cgoals in 7 games this season so far. What a prospect. Pogba and King are the other two I would say. Welbeck is not good enough for Utd either is Macheda and Morrison could go either way.

  10. Aaramz4united says :

    If anything in this article is something to go by, then I cant wait.

  11. sw says :

    @UlikMegee: I did leave out Cofie on purpose because while he is a fantastic athlete his technique is pretty average. At underage level his athleticism is a huge advantage against smaller weaker opponents. You need a bit more than than that in the premiership. I would be shocked if he ever reaches the level of Welbeck and Macheda who are both great athletes but also very skilful intelligent footballers. Again i have to stress the difficulties associated in making the transition from run of the mill academy and reserve football to the first team at the best team in the world. In most cases you have to be exceptional. Most of the comments are unrealistic. One player making the grade from every couple of years is a good return. Some people seem to think all the kids will make the step up.

  12. herbie simms says :

    No one is talking about Nicky Ajose? Heard this youngster is brilliant. Whats your thoughts?

  13. herbie simms says :

    This is my Man. Utd. team:

    VAN de SAR

    SUBS: Kuszczak, Evra, Ferdinand, Scholes,
    Obertan, Hernandez, Macheda, Ajose

  14. park says :

    Its only a matter of time, Eikrem will be a superstar at United…dont rule out the lil lad, 5yrz from now he could be the best in the world at what he does.

  15. luckystriker says :

    Apologies if this question is considered to be derailing the thread, but since the subject of youth team players came up, I was wondering if anyone here has seen Bebe play in the reserves and how would he rate?

    • herbie simms says :

      BEBE played one match in the reserves and made his debut for the Premier Division team against Scunthorpe in the Carling Cup. He is a slick, natural winger. With his pace, he will give defenders plenty of nightmares.
      Ferguson needs to play him against Sunderland. United need to attack these teams early, look for early goals, two or three in the first 20 minutes.

    • The Gaffer says :

      He seems to lack a bit of fitness in what little I have seen of him (thus unable to make judgements on how good he is), which is puzzling seeing as he played six pre-season games for Vitoria before joing the club.

      Again, I stress we haven’t seen much/enough of him, so let’s wait before making a verdict. All in good time, my friend.

  16. herbie simms says :

    He needs to play more. He needs match fitness. He did not play in the reserve team on Monday, instead Fergie took him to Spain. I think he will be a hit at United, but not to sure about Obertan.
    BEBE is in the same mold as Carls Tevez, a hungry time player and thats because of his bring up. Football is all he knows, he will be a great player. Needs more time out with the Premier Division team.

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