Tomasz Kuszczak: Worth a lot on Scrabble AND on the pitch

Tomasz Kuszczak

Tomasz Kuszczak is a misunderstood little fellow. That may be because his name is rather difficult to spell and is worth plenty of points on Scrabble, but after an admittedly dodgy performance against Scunthorpe last night, his United career looks ever so unlikely to stretch another season.

Some United fans have lost faith in the Polish stopper, not surprisingly seeing as, just recently, he told of his desire to find a fresh start elsewhere. Fair enough, a goalkeeper of his age (29, if you’re wondering) and his quality must feel they should be playing most games.

Unfortunately, and although he boasts good shot-stopping abilities, he can only really offer the services as a no.2 at a club like Manchester United. That may sound like a criticism, but it’s not, as he would still easily fit into half of the Premier League sides today. He’s a fantastic backup, too! I honestly hope he doesn’t leave; but I can have no complaints shall he decide otherwise.

His weaknesses lie in decision making; Kuszczak tends to struggle in the air. Often he is lambasted for his bravery, or the lack of it, something that ties in with the ‘struggling in air’ part. Concentration and composure are also problems, thus leading to mistakes, thus leading to (sometimes justified) criticism.

Yet, the man they call PIG, is no mug between the sticks. What he lacks in discipline that is usually on show at The Emirates, he makes up for with some very quick reflexes and most importantly, his ability to shot stop. He does that so well and is definitely not the player made out to be. There is a reason why Sir Alex held him in higher regard than Ben Foster during his equally unfortunate spell at the club.

Kuszczak, for all the weaknesses he possesses, must be perceived differently; because he’s a better player than some think, a reason as to why his comments about him finding a new club is something I feel needs no justification or retraction.


12 responses to “Tomasz Kuszczak: Worth a lot on Scrabble AND on the pitch”

  1. park says :

    i hate to hurt your wee feeling but tomasz is good enough to be utd number.1, he good in the air and always collect dangerous crosses or smashing them clear so cu the crap, the lad is every bit as good as the vds, barthezs and buffons of this world and would be a trusted and safe pair of hands in the ud goal as 1st choice.

  2. park says :

    The lad had a fantastic night and was the main reason we won at scunthorpe with a string of match winning saves, 10 in fact and fully deserved the MOTM award. Kk claimed everything that hit the area last night and brings an vase assurance to the defence thanks to his high confidence and fantastic agile ability…future num.1.

  3. The Gaffer says :

    Kuszczak played well yesterday, but only in chunks. He struggled to deal with aerial balls and even against lower opposition his confidence was rattled somewhat. Course, I admit that in the article but still talk of good a keeper he is.

    I’ve defended him because I think he’s a good keeper and some of the harsh comments against him are certainly not justified. Whether he’s a future no.1, it is debatable although I’d quite like to see that happen. For the time being, he makes for a fantastic backup.

    I think the idea when United signed him from West Brom many years ago was to shape him into a no.1 although he’s only made 54 appearances so far.

  4. Hakan says :

    Good back-up. Not our next No 1.

  5. park says :

    1 thing is a guarantee guys, We in for 1 hell of a season, i dont know how you would sum it up so far but it certainly been a rollercoaster ride and i believe, believe we will win a major trophy this year, take care yall.

  6. Walter Mitty says :

    Probability is that he won’t be United’s next first-choice keeper, unless VDS is unavailable for whatever reason this season. Kuszczak is good but not the best, and United should aim for nothing less than the best, given that we’re fighting for the top prizes every season.

    And also our defence seems disturbingly porous this season. Evans seems distracted and seemingly anyone who wants to can nick a few goals off us. Rangers didn’t, but they barely tried. That lack of defensive steel (ah, how distant that 14-game clean sheet run seems now) won’t help any keeper’s confidence.

    Look at it another way – SAF went to scout Valencia and, apparently, Atletico Madrid’s keeper (he brought Eric Steele, our GK coach, with him). We’ll need a new keeper, and historically SAF has struggled to find a good keeper (Taibi, anyone?). He literally takes YEARS to find good ‘keepers, and some pretty good ones come here and find that they just can’t perform for United (Howard, Barthez).

    I just hope that VDS’ successor can be found quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

  7. Olliewillie says :

    How the hell did he win the official MOTM award. Ok so he made 14 saves, well done. Of those 14 saves very few were difficult and the ones that were he parried back out into play.

    Had we been playing Chelsea they would have latched on the end of the spills and pumped the ball back at him.

    When VDS makes a save he ensures that he either parries it out or holds onto it. Either way the attacking team wont get another bite of the cherry.

    Until Tomasz learns how to not only save but save well, he’ll never be a United number one.

  8. park says :

    ollie, near all his saves where thunderous piledrivers and he decided to parry them to safety to avoid mistakes, i take it you forgot the last 2times he played chelsea, he made several great saves keep them out…kk is a fantastic agile gk who has made many match winning saves during time here…like 11game run last yr, he was reason we stayed in the race with countless fantastic performances, the lad’s a winner…i still remem debut, he saved a pen then made 4/5 vital stops b4 a cr7 error let arsenal in.

  9. TomKuzszczakFan says :

    Sorry, Tomasz Kuszczak is actually 28 not 29 ‘a goalkeeper of his age (29, if you’re wondering)’.

    • The Gaffer says :

      Wouldn’t argue with you there…’TomKuszczak fan’…! Genuine mistake, there and quite embarrassed. (Hey, if you keep this a secret, I won’t tell anyone that you spelt Tommo’s name wrong…)

  10. Tom says :

    I think you are spot on here. A lot of people think that shot stopping alone makes a keeper. There are plenty of good shot stoppers out there. I think Kuszczack’s presence in the box can leave a lot o be desired and his distribution isn’t great either. I see we have been heavily linked with the Athletico Madrid keeper. Any truth in this? How long more do you think Edwin has?

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