Sack Fergie, sell Giggs and, what the heck, sign Philippe Senderos

Everton 3-3 Manchester Utd: Observations (pessimists and knee-jerkers beware)

Everton celebrate scoring their injury-time equaliser

Well nobody saw that coming. And, of course, whenever things become as dramatic as it was in this instance, emotions run high. One wants to find reasoning behind bizarre and crazy events like these – so when a team concedes two goals in the matter of minutes what, or whom, can you blame it on?

Maybe you could put the blame on Sir Alex Ferguson – the ‘loony’ tinkerman on the touchline that chews gum incessantly and drops his star player in Wayne Rooney, a decision that ‘ultimately’ decided the match. Get a grip. At 3-1, United were comfortable and looking good without the services of their absent talisman. They scored three times and were sitting pretty after 89 minutes let’s not forget. Before the game had gotten underway, my honest opinion was that Rooney should have played, but as the game progressed, it was obvious that the visitors were fine and did not require his services. Even when I was able to grasp reality after those horrid (no hyperbole) events, it was not the Rooney decision that decided the outcome.

When I say it was ‘obvious that the visitors were fine without…’, I mean to some, not all unfortunately. The knee-jerkers were out in full force, some you couldn’t blame considering the manner in which events unfolded but others you’d rather not engage in a debate with. The logical reasoning as to why United conceded two in that frantic period of play was not because they were without their star performer, nor was it that the squad was too old (average age 30.7, if you’re asking) but because United had, admittedly, allowed a little complacency into their game as the match had petered on and that Everton displayed heroic urgency, especially when Tim Cahill scored what looked a consolation to make it 2-3. A couple of minutes had changed the game. Yes, no one individual to blame. If you tend to point the finger, point it at the team as a whole. Yes, United threw it away but it’s not Fergie’s fault nor is because the team supposedly made up of pensioners. That argument is nothing more than an adequate smokescreen.

The Goodison is no easy place to come, and the 3-1 lead at the 90 minute-mark was deserved up to an extent. Berbatov, in the absence of Rooney, particularly flourished and scored what looked like the winner on the 66th. Nemanja Vidic played the true captain role, scoring a crucial goal shortly after half time and Nani was excellent in the sense that he created the first two goals.

However, Everton were utterly dominant in the first half hour, and broke the deadlock with the run of play via Steven Pienaar. At one point, they had 79% possession. United recovered and staged a spirited, gutsy comeback; yet that was put into shade by Everton’s monumental effort in the 90. How to solve our problems? Sign Phillippe Senderos.


14 responses to “Sack Fergie, sell Giggs and, what the heck, sign Philippe Senderos”

  1. StrettyNews says :

    Rooney should of been at least on the bench yesterday but what would he have done about the goals in which they scored? Many people on twitter were saying if Rooney was playing yesterday we would of won, what bullshit! Our back four were poor yesterday and I’m pointing out Evra for the first goal. As I said on, what in the name of god was he trying to do in that sort of situation? Things have to be sorted for next week when we take on the bin dippers (Liverpool).

  2. GAZZARO says :

    The players tried their best, but the problem is some players do not have enough quality to deal with that!!!… We need to strengthen the squad and SAF should know that best. It’s no point of going out and saying this sqaud is the best which simply IT’S NOT TRUE!!!…

    Comparing to 2 seasons ago, when we still have Ronaldo and Tevez in the side, that squad was much better. Ronaldo and Tevez are considered as top class players, while the players we brought in like Valencia, Owen are just good or fair players. The others like Obertan, Smalling, Hernandez, or even Bebe can be rated as UN-PROOFED or even UNKNOWN players. If United have an enormous amount of debt, why we spend the money like this??? (The money we spend in the last 2 summers are totally over 50 million pounds. WHY??? Is there a BIG CORRUPTION behind the scene??)…

    Why we spend 10 million pounds for Hernandez, while Arsenal get M.Chamakh for FREE??? Why we never want to sign Joe Cole even when he is available for FREE, but spend 7.4 million for an unknown player like BEBE??? Why we sign Tosic for a large amount of money but rarely gave him a chance to play, which eventually let him go for an undisclosed fee??? CORRUPTION??? Think by yourself…

    Evra and Vidic may didn’t play well at their best but they are top class players. However, players like O’Shea or Evans, based on their standards, are simply not good enough.

    Some may say that if Rooney played, we would have won…. Unfortunately, I really don’t think so!!… Rooney’s not in a great form, and with the problem with his private life, I believe SAF should put him on the bench. United need a top class midfielder to control games and create chances. Scholes and Giggs are too old to play the whole 90 min plus injury time.

    Look at our recent midfielder signings…

    Carrick, Anderson, Nani, Tosic, Obertan, Valencia, Bebe, etc.

    Who is or can be rated as top class player??? The answer is NONE!!!!…

    Only Nani has a good potential, some of the others are just good or fair… the remaining ??? UNKNOWN players!!!!…

    But we spend lots of our limited amout of money in the transfer market. WHY???? Why I can’t see any top class signing coming in??? CORRUPTION??? or POOR QUALITY SIGNING???

  3. brian says :

    i want fergie out now he is joke of manger playing o shra middfield conme like things our bad at our club when you say . please glazers get rid of fergie bring in the special one

  4. StrettyNews says :

    Brian, I’ll reply to you last comment by saying: Mate you don’t have a clue! Your saying you want the most successful manager out of our club because he played a full back in midfield. We didn’t play to bad yesterday but our problem was the back four!

  5. The Gaffer says :

    Hi everyone, cheers for the comments:

    StrettyNews: Pat was unfortunately caught napping for the first goal, but we both know that wasn’t the reason why things ended the way they did.

    GAZZARO: When you say ‘unknown’ you obviously lack knowledge in football. Plus, are you saying Carrick and Nani have no talent whatsoever? Am I talking to a United fan here?! Won’t argue with your financial observations seeing as we were all puzzled as to how United could afford (no pun intended) certain players although we did recoup some money in the market by selling a few.

    When you say ‘unknown’, I see it as a poor argument. Many of United’s foreign stars, past and present, were relatively unknown before signing. Take C Ronaldo for example. I think you can be exhibit A in my case of United knee-jerkers.

    Brian: Oh, dear. Are you pleading to the Glazers?! You can be Exhibit B.

  6. Fergie is GOD. says :

    “brian” shut it you sad bitter twat. Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager in football and will lead us back to the top, anyone who wants Fergie out is a FAKE. Gazzaro, all you said was aload of crap, little carly was useless. we never wanted average cole and our signings are all important signings and Chicharito is a proven star and a standout star of the World Cup, chamakh is a nobody, Bebe will be a star. we have a great squad and will challenge for trophies, don’t like it, go support someone else.

    • The Gaffer says :

      Cheers. That’s what I like to see more of…United fans who remain optimist and who tend not to jerk their knee too much. Seems people are liking the idea of Senderos in a United shirt…

  7. Daniel says :

    dont blame fergie he has done wonders for the club
    blame the glazers who have ruined this!!!!
    its downhill from here whoever the manager is
    the debts are huge, united are screwed

  8. GAZZARO says :

    The Gaffer,

    I’m so sorry to have to talk to you as I think you’re mis-understanding my point of talking…

    First of all, as an UNited fan for more than 25 years, I believe that it’s no point of prasing our squad if they are not that good. We’ve got to accept the fact, and the fact is if we’re not keep on improving the squad, there’s no chance to win the EPL or UCL, especially when the others keep on strengthening their squads.

    Secondly, I already said that Nani has a potential to be a top classed player (Have you read that??) The other??? I’m sorry to say that they are not good enough to be rated as a top calss player (they are just good or fair players).

    Thirdly, the phase “UNKNOWN” PLAYER for me, and I think that the whold world would all agreed is that they are not well-known player which should not be signed by the big club like Manchester United, unless they are young player. I blame the scout in the transfer market because none of our recent midfielder signings proved to be a great signing. THE SIGNING OF CHRISTIANO RONALDO was simply because he played terrificly against us in a friendly match, and our player told the boss to sign him (NOT THE SCOUT)…. I also mention that we over paid for the signings which I think all of you if look at it carefully will see easily…

    Hope you understand now…

    • The Gaffer says :

      I’ll avoid this crazy statement: “I blame the scout in the transfer market.”

      Anyway, I agree that our CL winning squad of ’08 was one of our best and is, on paper, better than our current squad although that doesn’t necessary mean we can’t challenge for silverware.

      I think we should give certain ‘unknown’ players such as Bebe and Hernandez time before making conclusions out of players we’ve seen so little of. Also, players do not become world class overnight; nor is it a requirement that a good team needs these types of players. It’s all about the balance and I believe that’s what United have. It matters how you define ‘world (or top) class’: do Chelsea have more of this type than we have?

  9. G2 says :

    I agree that complacency should be blamed for the result, but not only that. I admire Sir Alex but he wasn’t clear of guilt. Evra had the worst game I’ve seen from him since his debut half against City. But his awful game could last 10 more minutes against Osman. Moving O’Shea to left back was a huge mistake, because he did very well throughout the game aiding Vidic and Evans (who both had a great game if you don’t include stoppage time), keeping O’Shea in the middle, covering the areas Everton would likely cross into, for Fellaini, Cahill, and Yakubu.
    Another thing SAF could do, was to react quickly after Cahill scored and get Smalling on, firstly to try and waste the time that was left, and secondly – get another tall head in the box.
    SAF’s only substitution was bad. Why didn’t he go for the remaining 2, replacing Neville and Giggs with younger and fresher players like Rafael and Gibson? Complacency is the answer probably.

    Another one about Nani. He had a great game, both in Attack and Defence doing a good job on Baines’ forward runs. Up until the chance he wasted making it 4-1 that would have completely seal the win. Instead of a simple pass to a free J.S Park, he chose to try and score himself. And he is partly to blame for both of Everton’s stoppage time goals. How can you leave Baines free twice in two minutes for an easy cross?

    We threw away two away wins in difficult grounds. But it’s not the end of the world. 8 out of 12 is a great league start for us, we get much worse normally. Our attack works superbly even without Rooney, the defence is playing OK, will get their respected number of clean sheets evetually.
    And Michael Carrick is god.


    Great blog btw!

    • The Gaffer says :

      Cheers for the nice words…

      Yes, O’Shea was fantastic at CM, playing deep almost as if he were a third centre-half. I think Sir Alex made that substitution because, as you point out, Evra had a bad game.

      I like your closing statement, it’s very important to stay positive because, let’s face it, we’ve had difficult start to the season because we’ve played two good teams away from home. We must forget about Chelsea for the moment, everyone plays the same team twice, and only when that happens can we judge this Manchester United side.

  10. Goal Addict says :

    Manchester United should have won this match comfortably, they were in control and they had enough chances to put the game to rest but they didn’t take them. Rio Ferdinand is missed, lack of concentration at the back at the end of the match cost United. A good thing for United though, is Dimitar Berbatov’s form he has been great to watch so far.

  11. Tom Fox says :

    Great post. Agree with you completely. It was our best away performance for a while and an excellent attacking display. Realistically, the Rooney omission was the right call and our lack of concentration at the death was the reason for dropping points, not leaving out Rooney. Brian – you are an idiot mate.

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