Wayne Rooney: Do the talking with your feet

Wayne Rooney

These days, the most unpopular people in modern-day Britain are politicians, bankers and journalists. Imagine rolling them all into one. Eurgh. That’s exactly the impression the Telegraph’s Henry Winter seems to give (some would argue he’s the best journalist on these shores), a hack so arrogant it’s difficult to comprehend into words. Furthermore, he comes off as a man who thrives on ‘cyber-controversy’. Take this ‘tweet‘ for example:

“Quite right. Wayne Rooney starts. After all the embarrassment he’s brought on squad, he owes England a disciplined, dynamic performance.”

A bizarre statement from a man who was strangely in defence of John Terry during the period where his mischief was front page news, a man who undeniably committed a far worse offence to that of Rooney. Oh, and I’m not going suggest Mr Winter is ‘ABU’ (read another blog), because he probably isn’t but the statement, we can all agree, is rather ignorant. While I do not condone said allegations put against Rooney, he must ignore the harsh words of the public who have things to say and do the talking on the pitch.

The Switzerland international tonight is a perfect stage to do just that; and having just regained some much-needed form, he could at least earn back some affection from the public. As a football fan and a Manchester United fan I have little or no interest in the private lives of professional sportsmen, it’s what they do on the pitch that counts. There’s talk of him being rested for the Everton game next weekend, for whatever reason, but that surely wouldn’t do the lad any good. A goal, an assists or two, even a few passes and instantly he can feel better about himself, clearing the bad thoughts out of his mind whenever he’s on the football pitch.

Of course, he must sort out his life privately; but while he has the red shirt on he must focus solely on football. Terry and Ashley Cole went through the same phase, and now their private life is no longer as furiously discussed as was before. England were right to clear him to play tonight and the club must follow suit for the game at Goodison Park. Should he play, he is sure to expect abuse for more reasons than one – nothing new to Rooney. And could you really tell your best player to sit out of a game against a strong team on the basis that he done a very bad thing? No, he has to play.

The above tweet from Henry Winter goes some way to represent what others are thinking at the moment. The stories that have come to light will never be forgotten; but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t be forgiven for something which, as a matter of fact, shouldn’t have been made public in the first place because it is after all, (to dumb it down a little) a famous bloke’s private life.


3 responses to “Wayne Rooney: Do the talking with your feet”

  1. philgatt says :

    Very good post. Unfortunately ‘journalists’ in the UK seem to enjoy making peoples’ lives hell, and don’t think about the consequences.
    Hopefully Rooney will shut a few of them up, though I’m sure they’ll find something else to sensationalise.

  2. Tom says :

    Great post. People become hysterical about this sort of stuff but his last couple of performances would suggest he will rise above all that and produce on the pitch. It should be a decent reception in Goodison at the weekend!

  3. pwilky says :

    On his £250k a week, at least Rooney won’t have to sell a car

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