Carrick still has plenty to offer as a United player

Michael Carrick

Thank goodness the transfer window is coming to a close. A few whispers later and there you have the typical response: “I’d quite like Jack Rodwell, actually.” Of course, these reports have no credible source to my knowledge but, to some, Michael Carrick in exchange for the young, somewhat over-hyped and overrated, Everton midfielder Rodwell sounds like a good deal. Crazy. Sure, Rodwell has plenty of potential and wouldn’t be the worst acquisition but it seems as if some fans would rather see the back of Michael Carrick.

Once described by Barcelona’s Xavi Hernandez as the “complete player”, Carrick is exactly that. On the football pitch, he is quite literally a visionary. And Xavi knows a thing or two, for Carrick’s range of passing is comparable to that of the Spanish midfielder. His talents are often misunderstood, and after a frustrating campaign last year, Carrick has found himself below Darren Fletcher and Paul Scholes down the pecking order.

Indeed, he only has a couple of minutes to show for this season, but that’s partly due to the good form of both Scholes and Fletcher in the middle of the park. And of course, he may not even be fully fit so it is not wise to read into that too much, something, unfortunately, the tabloids have already done, thus linking United with a £10m bid for Rodwell, plus Michael Carrick as bait.

Carrick was admittedly inconsistent last year, obvious that he was struggling to regain his exceptional form of 08/09. He got off to a lightning quick start last season, but gradually his form and good fortune dried up, to the point where he was no longer first-choice. He is still certainly still part of Fergie’s plans albeit probably third in line for a team that plays just the two in the centre domestically. However, he will slot perfectly in Manchester United’s three-man triangle in European games. As to why his confidence dipped so dramatically it is unclear.

Trapped inside this man apparently short of confidence is another, someone who is blessed with a special gift. He is not ready to depart Manchester just yet, simply because he still has a lot to offer to the Red Devils. A genius on the pitch, able to either hold the midfield or even play in that more advanced role, Carrick certainly isn’t going to end his United career with a feeble whimper. There is still much left in his locker. Mark my words…


Apparently, ex-Liverpool forward Stan Collymore branded Ryan Giggs a ‘cheat’ on his TalkSPORT show. He is said to have thought that Giggs ‘dived’ under the challenge of Jonathan Spector in Man Utd’s 3-0 win over West Ham on Saturday, although replays suggest it was a stonewall penalty. Giggs, a cheat?! Oh, the irony!

Also, on a lighter note, we have set up a ManUtd24 Facebook page. We’d very much appreciate if you guys ‘like’ it!

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2 responses to “Carrick still has plenty to offer as a United player”

  1. Nikos says :

    Nice piece. OT is a hotpot for scapegoating, and hence we have the ironic situation whereby the player who has filled the void left by Roy Keane (and arguably S Veron, with 3 trophyless years post the Argentine’s departure), ensuring 3 consecutive EPL titles and an ECL is fast becoming public enemy number 2 (Berbatov bizarrely holds top spot).

    Carrick’s ability to control the game, dictate the tempo, hold a position that does not necessitate an abundance of slide tackling because he is able to read and intercept, is second to none. As per the Berbatov phenomenon, how do we expect a player to perform at his peak with 70,000 doubters on his case week in week out. As any sports psychologist will tell you, football is all in the mind – and OT needs to get more savvy and fully support a team constructed with great forethought and tactical expertise by the great man himself, Sir Alex Ferguson.

  2. The Gaffer says :

    Agree. It is the sad reality that players are often scapegoated without reason – I always think of football as a team effort, and picking out one certain individual is unfair unless they made a distiguishable, game-changing mistake. United fans weren’t happy with the way Wayne Rooney’s name was being tossed about in the media (as was I) after England’s dismal World Cup campaign, although the irony is that some fans do the same, of course, players such as Nani and Berbatov are usually often identified as scapegoats. It’s not justifying the Rooney situation, of course not, but it’s always felt fans should get behind players, something unfortunately, that a small minority of fans do…

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