Fulham 2-2 Manchester Utd: Chalkboards paint a picture

Fulham 2-2 Manchester Utd: Chalkboard Analysis

Nemanja Vidic

It was by far a convincing performance from Manchester United, but credit is due to the way Fulham fought back and earned a deserved point. Of course, there is no shame in the result; Fulham are a tough proposition away from home and the Red Devils have now failed to win there in their last three attempts. Below, we analyse individuals and their impact on the game.

Comparing Scholes

Is there a point in analysing Paul Scholes? His name has been on the lips on nearly everyone associated with the sport, and he displayed just why. Not only did he score a belter, but he once again passed the opposition to death. Below, we have included two chalkboards, Sunday’s performance and a carbon-copy against Newcastle the week previous. Another display worthy of Man of the Match. Is there no stopping him?!

Defensive-minded Etuhu with passing masterclass

Dickson Etuhu is a fine example of a defensive midfielder. Criminally underrated, he can do more than just hold. His passing was excellent on Sunday, not putting a foot wrong throughout. 33 passes, 33 successful. Also, he, and Fulham’s five man midfield, perfectly stifled Manchester United, meaning that Fulham could soon get into the game after a slow start where the Red Devils had dominated proceedings.

Nemanja Vidic: Interceptions not his Forté

Statistically, United’s defending has been the best in the country. That’s hardly surprising, but against Fulham it was disappointing lacklustre. It wasn’t disastrous, but it definitely could have been better. What we can learn from this game is that Nemanja Vidic is the typical,’hard-man’, aggressive sort whose strengths lie in clearances, heading and strong tackling. Intercepting certainly isn’t his forte, evident from the diagrams below. Whilst Jonny Evans managed seven interception, Vidic could only muster…none. Nought, nada. Big fat 0.


One response to “Fulham 2-2 Manchester Utd: Chalkboards paint a picture”

  1. soccergirl says :

    Paul Scholes is a legend to the sport, I made a point of watching his every move in this game. He always finds space, knows where his players are, his passes are perfect and a superb 150th goal to celebrate. And also comes across a true professional. He is great to watch.

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