Attention fans: Who is your favourite all-time United player?

Over the years, some of the game’s very finest have worn the red of Manchester United. Each in their own unique way lit up a football pitch and are regarded by some as icons, inspirations and heroes. Here at ManUtd24, we want to hear from you; who is your favourite all-time United player?

Our plan is to publish a (huge) blogpost in the very near-future with a combination of opinions from you guys saying who and why they’re your favourite. That could be the maverick that is Eric Cantona, the hairy-chested wonder that is Ryan Giggs, or even the baby-faced Ole Solskjaer. It could be any other United player – past and present – that you deem your most favourite. It doesn’t even need to be an obvious choice. For example, you may choose Dimitar Berbatov or Jaap Stam as the player you have most affection for, not because they’ve been voted Player of The Year in the past, but because they’re talented at what they do. You could even rewind the years if you want, and plump for the likes of Bobby Charlton or George Best.

If you’re interested in contributing, just send an email to us at manutd24.wordpress[@] and find a player you’d most like to write about, and there we can help sort something out. We’re looking for about a paragraph’s worth (not much of your time) explaining your choice…so get writing!


9 responses to “Attention fans: Who is your favourite all-time United player?”

  1. RFR says :

    My dad and Ryan Giggs are the biggest reasons I support Man Utd. A young Ryan Giggs running down the wing, leaving defenders trailing in his wake is still one of the most beautiful images i’ve seen in football. Even del Piero agrees with me. 😉

    Eric Cantona – A footballing genius who had the uncanny ability to conjure up and be part of magical moments.

    Roy Keane – a fantastic leader and a player so competitive he had opponents worried for days before a match. Too bad for that tackle on Haaland. It does diminish his legacy.

    Paul Scholes – one of the best midfielders ever to grace the game. If he were Spanish, people would have shrines dedicated to him in their houses.

    Evra, Vidic and Rooney. Dedicated, talented, uncompromising players who don’t behave like they are amongst the world’s best.

  2. IVOR IRWIN says :

    Has to be Nobby Stiles. A very much underrated player equally comfortable as a midfield enforcer, but also very capable of brilliant attacking linkup play as he showed as a crucial part of England’s 1966 World Cup winning team. “Nob-eee! Nob-eee! Nob-eee!’

  3. Adam says :

    Ryan Giggs – without a doubt
    Ultimate role moddle

  4. udayan says :

    Roy Keane

  5. Chris says :

    George Best. Not just the best player to have played for United but the best to have played for any English club side ever.

    He’s up there with Cruyff as the best European footballer of all time and not far behind Pele and Maradona.

  6. The Gaffer says :

    This is all good stuff. Don’t forget, to send in your emails guys!

  7. Katie says :

    Tough one… heart says Giggs, head says Keane.

    Giggs for his sublime goalscoring ability – years before the FA Cup Semi Final in 1999 at Villa Park, when he scored brilliant goals against QPR, beating two players almost at once; and in the snow at Hillsborough, from what seemed an impossibly narrow angle.

    Keane for his never say die attitude, and his refusal to settle for anything but the best; I will always remember his booking in the European Cup semi final in 1999, his performance and the look on his face which simply said “If I can’t play in the final, I’m gonna make damn sure the rest of you can”… and the rest is history.

  8. aussiehopper says :

    i doubt any goal keeper in the world would see anything but a blur, after a ball left Bobby Charltons foot from within thirty meters of goal.

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