The uneventful tale of Djemba-Djemba’s career after United

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As far as Manchester United legends go, no individual lit up a football game quite like King Eric. Even to this day, the chants of his name can be heard coming from all corners of Old Trafford, in honour of the club’s greatest foreign export. That’s right, Eric Djemba-Djemba. They used to say he was so good they named him twice. And it was easy to see why for the player once hailed as the ‘Next Roy Keane’. Comparisons to the Irishman were some way off; not because Keane was the better player, but quite the opposite. Whatever Keane achieved at the club, Djemba-Djemba went one step further and emulated him. In fairness to the one-time winner of the African Cup of Nations with Cameroon, he could have done so with his arms tied, blindfolded. Only one other United great, Dong Fangzhou, has come close to reaching the lofty heights of this gifted, talented and decorated Old Trafford legend.

Having sensed the sarcasm long ago, it is worth knowing that it has emerged in the last few days that Djemba-Djemba may be on his way back to the Premier League, being linked with West Bromwich Albion. Who saw that coming after his disastrous spell over here? When he left Manchester United in 2005 after two disappointing years, what exactly happened to him? ManUtd24 investigates his rather uneventful career after Old Trafford…

Historically, players who have failed to cut it at the club have gone on to better things. Diego Forlan, Kleberson and Juan Veron all prospered after leaving United, such was their reincarnation that they were all chosen for their respective countries in the foregoing World Cup in South Africa. Of course, they were good players before and during their United stint, but all three had difficulty settling in to the fast-paced English game. Indeed, Djemba-Djemba was no different, his performances for French club Nantes led to a move to Old Trafford in the first place. After his unsuccessful stint, he moved on to Aston Villa where, in all truth, it was an even bigger nightmare.

One must wonder how the likes of Gavin McCann and Steven Davis were above him in the pecking order over at Villa; a nutshell, if you like, of his dreadful spell at Villa Park. A loan move to Burnley followed, then back again to Martin O’Neill’s team where his contract was soon terminated. This was a failed and fruitless period in his footballing career and which made his United career look somewhat successful.

Thankfully, the unfortunate run in England ended soon. It did take a turn for the better at Qatar SC (…in Qatar) where he must have arrived with little or no confidence. Reasonable success followed and minutes on the pitch came more and more frequently. This stint in the Middle East did however come to an abrupt end. The story of his career, really, although one would think his next move was a slight improvement in the sense of quality of football. His new home was in Denmark, with Odense Boldklub, where he at least had a chance to face his former club Aston Villa on his debut in the Intertoto Cup competition.

But, as the title suggests, his spell at the Danish club petered out into the uneventful. Playing for a club that enjoys little success anyway, Djemba-Djemba will surely a welcome a move back to the Premier League with West Brom. And best of luck to him, after all he was a United great…

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16 responses to “The uneventful tale of Djemba-Djemba’s career after United”

  1. Jay says :

    you all deserve to burn in hell with your white roy keanes n beckhams n rooneys…
    all overrated, but cannot be slated because they are white!!

    • The Gaffer says :

      Calling me racist? Saying a player’s career was uneventful. So because he isn’t white, I have ‘slated’ him, yes? Familiar with Ralph Milne? He was white, but he was probably the worst player to put on the United shirt. What should skin colour have to do with anything when talking about a football player?

      Please. The irony of your comment. Don’t get me started on that, too.

      And by simply checking the side bar with the title ‘KICK IT OUT’, you see that I am indeed not a racist. And, one more thing, please keep it on topic guys. Not that there is much to say about the legend that is King Eric Djemba-Djemba…

  2. Danny Salford Red says :

    Quite possibly the least intelligent thing I have ever read on here Jay. Good work. Prat.

  3. has9 says :

    Glory Man United

  4. ben says :

    I respect all ex united players even if they dont do well Because they take the chance and wants to play for united. But i think this article makes us united fan slightly ashamed.

  5. jamieratcliffe says :

    Jay – I don’t get it? The most stupid comment you could have made.
    I quite like Djemba, mainly from when he bobbled home a goal against Leeds, but liking him doesnt mean I thought he had the ability. A championship player for me.

    • The Gaffer says :

      Cheers Jamie.

      Djemba never really had much ability did he? West Brow will be perfect; they have a knack for going back down to the Championship.

  6. Tom says :

    What a man! I remember waxing lyrical about Djemba-Djemba and Kleberson when they arrived. How wrong I was… Hope he does well at West Brom.

  7. Jay says :

    stupid foolish racists!!!
    how many black players been developed under fergie?? Fortune?? Fergie has been known to destroy Africans footballing careers.. see Djemba n Manucho as examples!! not jus africans, include all blacks which includes Anderson, Kleberson!! and he makes the careers of crepe, mediocre players such as his scottish fela Fletcher and the other one O’Shea
    brooody racist ferguson

  8. YOLKIE says :

    Jay – muppppppppppettttttt.

    He has been known to “destroy” careers?? He plucked Manucho from nowhere and he is now earning a good living in Spain.

    He made Djemba a millionaire.. he gave these players a chance and they failed because they were rubbish.

    I don’t see Evra being kicked out the door any time soon but perhaps his skin colour has escaped Fergie. That’s probably why he always plays him, right?

    What a muppet!!

    • Jay says :

      u cock..
      they did not fail coz they were rubbish, they simply failed coz they were failed!!!
      fergie put more faith in like of oshea, fletcher, evans…etc.
      and btw, by you stating that he brought manucho out of nowhere, that just shows how much of an ignorant racist you yourself are. He brought manucho from Angola, in Africa for your information.
      and about making djemba a millionaire, what do you think?? only white guys residing anywhere else but africa can be millionaires??? bloody racist dik!!

  9. maestro says :

    Jay o jay. So you telling me Fergie DESTROYED “black” players? What about Dwight Yorke? Andy Cole? That right winger who plays right now … who is he again? Oh yeah Valencia. I am sure he is not black. If you wanna talk about skin colour I can give you more examples. What about Nani? Evra?

    You know what, stop hating. Go screw yourself.

    • YOLKIE says :


      nowhere in the “public eye”, you doughnut.

      he made djemba a millionaire. just like he made liam miller one (probably). i mentioned djemba because you called him a racist so i’m not going to use a white example am i, muppet.

      you’re being racist towards the likes of O’shea by suggesting they’re in the side due to their colour. O’Shea has won 4 league titles and numerous other trophies. He’s not crap, you’re just bitter and deluded.

  10. The Gaffer says :

    Not to mention Andy Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Dwight Yorke, Paul Parker, Paul Ince, Rafael, Fabio, Wes Brown, Paul McGrath, Antonio Valencia. The list goes on…

    Oh, and Jay, O’Shea is Irish not Scottish…

    Back your points up, mate, before trying to make outlandish statements like that…

  11. BS says :

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