Is Sir Alex right not to add to his squad?

Sir Alex Ferguson

After a disappointing campaign last year, much of the reaction from the press was rather knee-jerk. It was thought that for United to really mount a good challenge the following season, that they had to follow the suit of neighbours Manchester City and spend. Yet Sir Alex has come out recently and was quoted to saying he’s happy with his current crop and that he is unlikely to spend in the summer window which has so far been crammed with activity.

Manchester United are no longer the big-money spenders of the English game, that has been for a while now, the tag now belonging to Chelsea and City. It doesn’t help that the club have been plunged into massive debt, so it is sensible to focus on the club’s current players and youth to continue progress. A big signing like Wesley Sneijder certainly wouldn’t help United get out of the red, a fee of around £30m and weekly wages of £100k wouldn’t exactly help the club out of this rather perilous financial situation.

The usual suspects the Sunday papers seem to link us with such as Sneijder, Mesut Özil among others are sure to get fans excited, but it begs the question – do United really need them? I would say no, and I’m thinking Sir Alex will agree.  There are some top quality players in Europe and indeed around the world, but financially United cannot afford them. They don’t come cheap, that’s for sure. If United were not in this situation, would they splash the clash on some of Europe’s stars? I’m suspecting they would.

Another reason, however, of not to add to the squad lies in the fact that he believes the players at Old Trafford are already good enough. The truth is most positions are covered, and a new signing may only mean more unwanted competition, not to mention affecting the development of the younger players who ought to be given a chance. Some would argue that the team is ageing and although that is true, it doesn’t mean that they are not good enough to play top-flight football.

The likes of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes still have a lot to offer despite their ageing legs, having enjoyed good season last year despite United falling short of the title. In terms of players, United have the numbers. There is plenty of backup in their defence with Evans and Smalling as 3rd and 4th choice centre backs, as is the case in midfield and up front where they have no less than seven forwards hoping to make an impact this season.

The feeling right now is that United lack the big-name players and must add to it in order to regain their league crown. The club is littered with talent, some are established members of the team and others polishing off in the reserve team. The fact that I’d like Fergie to keep faith in his current squad is to allow good development of his younger players. Some may disagree with the notion that the current players are not good enough, indeed just the Carling Cup to show from last season’s efforts, but I’m thinking the likes of the more-established Darren Fletcher and Nani could get better this time around, making that transformation into world-class players. What’s your viewpoint? Do United need to add to their squad or is it fine as it is?


9 responses to “Is Sir Alex right not to add to his squad?”

  1. GRay says :

    No he’s not right and he knows it. The problem is that although they say there money to be spent on additions to the squad, the truth is otherwise. I’m afraid we’ll be risking our CL spot at the end of the season. The first 4 spots are between Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs. Too many over the hill players and inexperienced ones.

  2. bruce thomas says :

    Doesn’t matter if he’s right or not — the Glazers have pikied all money. Hisw hands are completely tied. I wish he’d have the balls to denounce them.

  3. samMUFC says :

    RE:GRay how can you call yourself a utd fan,i myself am unhappy with fergie’s inactivity in the transfer market,as we do need that gem in midfield for when the sad day arrives that paul scholes retires.but we will in no way risk our CL spot,arsenal are in no way getting any stronger and tottenham are just the same team.liverpool wow they gt joe cole we rejected him for obvious reasons.chelsea will be our main rivals again and we will beat them to the title this time round as now we have adequate defensive cover.i do believe that we need to purchase ozil as he as the potential of the likes of messi and ronaldo.he wouldnt break the bank, and can play anywere across th in sir alex.those who don’t always eat their words come may

  4. Sunny says :

    yeah i think this yr will b a very close title race again and this time United will surely win it. V jst need a little bit of luck nd also hope that all of our players dont get injured or suspended at the same tym like wat had happend in last season. Also this season mite b d last for berba to prove himself…hopefully he gets in his top form nd scores around 17-20 gols to take d burden of rooney. and i also think ozil will b a good signing as he can take this yr to settle in the team under d influence of scholes.

    Glory Glory United

  5. kel says :

    It’s a shame really. I hate people lying and for this fergie been lying to us by saying he has the money to spend then spend it and show us. We plan for the future but i still think no one is capable to replace Scholes and Giggs. If we dont buy this summer, you might see the effect next it have next summer.

  6. st33l says :

    Its a shame i doesnt spen if he really has money. Itt looks like mufc are a selling club that sells their stars (ronaldo, van nistelrooy,beckham etc) and maybe vidic and evra. When got so much money for ronaldo he must ofcourse spend more than what he have done. maybe players dont want to come anymore i dont know. a creative midfielder, a classy forward (excuse me hernandez), and a right defender would be nice. But nothing of this will join. im not as exited for the new campaign as i use to be. too bad

  7. Hussein says :


  8. Azad says :

    As i’m man untd fans i would like sneijder to come man untd so that we can tie our club

  9. koketso says :

    gaffer, the issue is tht saying our squad is strong enuff is a statement based on the outcome of last season, this doesn’t take into account our neighbours stronger squads this season.we are over reliant on attacking down down the flanks due to lack of creativity and attack down the middle.

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