Welbeck and Macheda may find it difficult developing this season

Danny Welbeck, left, clashes with James Forrest during Manchester United's 3-1 win over Celtic

As the new season looms large, there is great anticipation around Old Trafford that the youth of today can become the stars of tomorrow and finally blossom into United greats much like the class of ’92 had done many moons ago. And the signs are there that the current bunch can do just that and even emulate the luminaries of ’92 which consisted of the likes of Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham among many others.

Like Giggs, United have another local lad in Danny Welbeck, who much is expected of and is just one of the of the many homegrown talent at the club hoping to become permanent fixtures in the first team. There are plenty of other names, too. Tom Cleverley, Corry Evans, Ravel Morrison, Matthew James and Reece Brown are dead certainties to make the promotion into the first team.

The foreign talent is there too; Carrington has become somewhat of a polishing ground for the best youngsters around the globe. Gerard Pique and Guiseppe Rossi became the players they are today and more recently Federico Macheda has come leaps and bounds since his arrival from Lazio youth academy. It is, however, Welbeck and Macheda who have particularly caught the imagination.

But as bleak and pessimistic as the blog title sounds, the reality is that United’s two most exciting prospects may not get the game-time they so badly need in order to develop. What Sir Alex is so great at is nurturing the youth and transforming them into big stars like he’s done in recent years, but despite his comments promising that the two will have a chance to prove themselves this season, it is difficult to see how.

Just how many forwards should a team have? United have seven and it is unclear where Macheda and Welbeck are in the pecking order. There’s also Diouf, who has looked decent in United colours so far, along with Rooney, Berbatov and the latest acquisition Javier Hernandez. The 4-5-1 formation deployed by Fergie where Rooney plays as a lone striker means six others on the sidelines. Sir Alex is spoilt with talent, but just how he’ll able to use it remains to be seen.

It may just be the domestic cups where these two fine players get to express their talent, but waiting a little while longer to get some good game-time is a problem in terms of development for these teenagers. Who knows? It could just be a good thing. Two players aiming to prove their point scoring as many goals possible when they get the chance? Who knows? The competition at Old Trafford is healthy, yet rather unhealthy if you think about it…



4 responses to “Welbeck and Macheda may find it difficult developing this season”

  1. Ranjith says :

    Not to forget Michael Owen

  2. ben says :

    They should be loan out to gain more playing time. This will do them good rather than letting them play in the reserves.

  3. Rezwan says :

    Welbeck will struggle to get game time and I think that’s why Fergie is looking to loan him out. But I strongly doubt that Macheda will suffer much. First of all, he provides a very different sort of attacking threat for United and is a good sort to rely on when the chips are down and we need a goal. Welbeck on the other hand has struggled to establish himself as much with the chances he got.

    For the upcoming season, I see Rooney and Berbatov as the first choice strike pairing with Hernandez and Macheda third and fourth respectively. The first two months of the season will be crucial for young Kiko as Owen is out injured and he has the opportunity to really cement his place in the squad. Realistically speaking we have almost 60 games to be played in the coming season and with injuries and suspensions I fully expect Kiko to make 10 to 15 appearances if he stays fit and has a decent season.

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