World Cup 2010: A case for Carrick/War against Rooney?

Michael Carrick

A case for Carrick after England’s passing horror show?

One thing was increasingly obvious during the England-Algeria game – those bleach blonde hairstyles donned by some of the Algerian players were horrible. Oh, and if you didn’t notice England’s passing in that game was dreadful. Certainly, there were problems in that game, such as worryingly, England’s inability to press the opposition.

With all the quality England’s team possesses, it’s a mystery why they failed to pass the ball with any conviction. Step up, Michael Carrick. His range of passing is exactly what England need, although Capello looks set to only make a change or two to his team with Carrick rooted to the bench for the game against Slovenia. Spain’s Xabio Alonso believes England missed a trick in not playing Carrick, and presents a strong, convincing case to Capello on why he should be in the starting XI.

“If Carrick plays for the national team the way that he does for Manchester United, then it would be very good news for England. I think that he could easily fit in the Spanish system because I really like the way he plays.

“He reads the game so well, he is always ahead of what is going to happen and he is always in the right position. When he gets the ball, he plays it easy and he is available to his team-mates all the time. For me, he has the profile to play for Barcelona or any of the Spanish teams. He would also be very complimentary to Stevie (Gerrard).”

I don’t know about Barcelona, seeing as he too has the ‘profile’ to play for Manchester United. But, Alonso has a point. He can set the tempo in the team, and is, undoubtedly, the best passer in the England side. If Capello decides against playing Carrick for Wednesday’s crunch game, then you’d imagine a 4-2-3-1 is a must, playing Rooney by himself up front with either Gerrard or Joe Cole behind.

Sunday Papers v Wayne Rooney

The talk of the town is Wayne Rooney and his so-called ‘attitude’. After two years of nothing of sort, its been back brought into question and now Sunday papers are littered with ‘journalists’ all attempting to have a go at someone who, just a few weeks prior to the tournament, was labelled as a ‘national treasure’. It’s a shame, do study this link here. This a ‘piece’ from a hack named Neil Ashton in the News of the World, who claims to have a senior source (apparently), not just saying negative things about Rooney, but about Capello and the whole team.

If Capello says about Rooney: “The problem is in his mind” it doesn’t mean he has ‘psychological problems’, like the writer tried to suggest.

Yet, the same newspaper doesn’t stop there. Andy Dunn, ‘Britain’s No.1 Sports Columnist’ says Capello should axe Rooney after his poor performance against the Algerians. Click here to see the horrifying (a Sunday paper’s favourite hyperbole, yet this isn’t an exaggeration) piece.

You’ll notice that both hacks named are highlighted with links to their Twitter page. Feel free to voice your opinion to both…

The Mail on Sunday is also threatening to derail England hopes with this headline: ‘Rooney apologises for foul-mouthed rant..’ Foul mouthed?! Surely, not. For saying ‘Nice to see your home fans booing you’.

This is the definition of foul-mouthed: ‘using foul or obscene language’. So sarcastic comments is seen as ‘foul’ or/and ‘obscene’, these days. Seriously, best of luck to England in this World Cup. After two below-par performances, I still believe we (I say ‘we’ loosely now) can still win the tournament. And best of luck to Rooney, who if and when he scores the crucial goal in the finals, will certainly see the Sunday papers suddenly label him as a ‘hero’ and a ‘national treasure’.


2 responses to “World Cup 2010: A case for Carrick/War against Rooney?”

  1. tublu says :

    bit of a limp piece of rooney apologista spin at the end there. what you quote of the rooney ‘rant’ is the first sentence. He went on to say quite a bit more that appears to have been universally censored by the british press. check it out on some of the non manu loving international media sites.
    Also I wonder if -anyone- in the country really believes rooney wrote that apology ? lucid, errudite and humble. I think not. Lets hop he’s given the chance to recover the situation by having another player up front with him (or just behind him) instead of the fat waxwork dummy from Leicester.

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