Season Analysis: Dimitar Berbatov

In this final instalment of ‘Season Analysis’, ManUtd24 look at the much-scrutinised Dimitar Berbatov.

Dimitar Berbatov not leaving Manchester United, says Sir Alex Ferguson

Rating: ★★★☆☆

League Statistics:
Appearances: 33
Goals: 12
Assists: 5

It just wasn’t to be for Dimitar Berbatov.  The expectation was high – so high that this season would, just like the previous, be viewed as a failure. In truth, he hasn’t played badly but you could argue that it wasn’t great either.

We’ve seen his magic moments, the flicks and tricks, the chipped passes, the dummy and the finish but we’ve rarely seen him raise a smile, the look of disappointment more apparent on his face. Sigh. No matter how big a fan you are of the Bulgarian, this season has not met the expectations. Of course, more pressure would be applied to the forward because of the departure of former talisman Cristiano Ronaldo, meaning more goals would have to be scored. His return of 12 from 33 is decent, not great, but I certainly feel another thing that has annoyed fans is that they know he has the talent.

And the fans are growing impatient. Some may say sell him, others will say keep him another year. I believe in the latter, simply because I know the quality of this player. I find myself wanting to contradict a lot in this article because you can’t help feel sorry for him. We believed he was to take a starring role and take centre stage this term, a la Cantona but that wasn’t to be, unfortunately.

Let’s hope he stays. Because he is far too talented. When playing for Bulgaria this season, he looked a stranger (in a good way) for his country, running after every ball and scoring every single chance that was offered on the plate. Let’s hope he stays. Because he is a genius of the game, a player who plays the sport as beautiful and majestic as Cantona did.  Next season more would be expected from him, and let’s hope he can overcome all the pressure and inspire United to glory…


3 responses to “Season Analysis: Dimitar Berbatov”

  1. musinguzirobert says :

    im robert a fan of united, but they should look for a solution fast ,and give him more chance to prove a point, his good also

  2. kel says :

    Berbatov is talented but he is not the type of player which is good. He needs good players to be beside him to look good. Last time he had Ronaldo, Tevez beside him which i think his first season is more successful than his second.

    I still believe if no quality players comes in the summer, Berbatov wont be better next season.

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