Season Analysis: Ryan Giggs

ryan giggs

Rating: ★★★★☆

League Statistics:
Appearances: 25
Goals: 5
Assists: 9

How long can Ryan Giggs last? 36 years young and still possesses a remarkable amount of energy which is pretty much unmatched for someone his age. It has been another good season for the Welshman but unfortunately he could only lift the Carling Cup in what could be his penultimate year at the club.

I’m not crazy enough to suggest that this season was better than his previous, which was apparently so good he won the PFA Player of the Year. He has managed nine assists (more than any of his team-mates) this term and five goals compared to the seven assists and just two goals in 08/09. Yes, he’s played more this season than last, but he will certainly be satisfied with his overall effort. He’s been pretty successful on the pitch.

He has demonstrated his pace (yes even at 36), discipline, technical ability and skill once again this year. It is a wonder how he still manages to do such things on the pitch, especially when the physical demands of the sport have been higher than its ever been. Definitely the game of football has changed since he made his first appearance in United colours back in 1990.

This was the time when Puffa Jackets were in fashion, washing machines was a fairly new concept and the internet was only just created by some chap named Tim Berners-Lee. Thatcher was still in power, too. It’s crazy to think that twenty years later he’s still playing at the highest level. The only player to have scored in every season of the Premier League since its inception back in ’92. This isn’t exactly a ‘season analysis’, more of a tribute to this wonderful player. This is Ryan Giggs, a United great, a football legend.


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