Season Analysis: Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra shows his frustration after Liverpool make it 2-0 at Anfield

Rating: ★★★★★

League Statistics:
Appearances: 37
Goals: 0

Assists: 6

It is remarkable that Patrice Evra has notched up 50 games in a United shirt this season, but without doubt, it was his best yet. Whilst Wayne Rooney will take all the plaudits in this rather unsuccessful season, it has been the consistency of United’s premier left-back that has proved influential, as well as inspirational, in United’s fight for silverware.

He is the unsung hero and has won the hearts of many with his down-to-earth honestyand his passion for the game. He has done very little wrong and has successfully combined his cool, composed defensive approach with an aggressive style of football to full effect. It is people like him who make perfect role-models for the generation of tomorrow.

He’s had so many good moments last season that I’ve lost count. Games against Spurs, Sunderland and Manchester City come to mind and certainly he’s been Man of the Match more than just a few times. It was he who crossed the winner against City last month deep in injury time, that being just one of the six assists created by the 5’9 full-back.

And he can really leap for a small man. He wins most balls in the air, never afraid to come in for a challenge, and certainly not afraid to bomb forward with all his flair and dynamism. He is also probably one of the fittest lads in the team, no figure why he’s played more games than anyone else.

There is no arrogance about the player, he is full of praise and puts most of his successes down to Sir Alex and his team-mates. His heart and desire is unmatched and this humble fellow still believes he has a lot to learn. He is proud to be at the club and one couldn’t imagine him going elsewhere.“From the moment I arrived here it felt like it was my destiny because it was only when I became a United player that I found my true identity. This place suited my character, the people here were on my wavelength and I was able to be me”.


5 responses to “Season Analysis: Patrice Evra”

  1. thezonly1united says :

    I just hope and pray that Evra’s heart cant be turned for pieces of gold, the lad say’s he loves it at OT i just hope he stays for his career, he’s class

  2. John Tring says :

    Why no review of SAF??? His regal highness has managed to ensure Utd lose the title and get kicked out of CL. Anyone other than him would know that U need a decent right back to compete ( Neville is history and RDS is future, putting it mildly) . There’s no striker apart from WR., he bought a bloke called DB who masquarades as a striker without striking…and finally, he thinks Gibson,Park, Evans, Welbeck, De laet et el are prem lge players. He also thinks RG, PS, VDS are immortals and so on. I am sorry, delusion is a natural consequence of aging. That’s why gloabally there’s this thing called “RETIREMENT” age..

  3. rohitvarkey says :

    big fan of pat…absolutely luv him…..but i still cannot believe tat he made tat error in the last min of inj time agnst bayern….but i guess every1 has der bad days…

  4. GREAME says :

    He played in defence alone against Wolfsburg. He is the best LB. Atleast he is not into money like cashley cole. He respects the shirt too.

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