Season Analysis: Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand

Rating: ★★★☆☆

League Statistics:
Appearances: 13
Goals: 0

Rio Ferdinand didn’t get to play many games this term and, just like his United team-mates, it is the reoccurring injuries which has sidelined him for large chunks of the season. The games he has played, however, he hasn’t shown the usual consistency we’re used to seeing. One game he’s assured and composed; the next he’s floundering around on the floor beaten by a hungry-looking Craig Bellamy.

If it not had been for injuries it may have been a different story, certainly, as he only played a handful of games with Nemanja Vidic. It leaves you to mull over what could’ve been. In a way this season always been typical Ferdinand; great positioning and excellent reading of the game but at the same time his concentration, or the lack of it, let’s him down.

Although blighted by numerous setbacks, the 13 league games he did play were easy enough to analyse and make observations of. Overall, he’s been pretty decent when he has played and it is a real shame he hasn’t played enough. Fingers crossed he plays more often next season.

Below: A table comparing Ferdinand’s season with his English counterparts. Obviously, he has played considerably less than the rest but these statistics prove interesting still. As you can see, he is the type of player that likes to sit back and read the game, and knows when to make the right tackle shown by the high success rate.

Player (Stats from OPTA) Terry Dawson King Ferdinand Upson
Appearances 37 29 20 13 33
Minutes On Pitch 3260 2333 1547 1083 2905
Tackles and Blocks
Total Tackles Made 65 48 32 12 54
Last Man Saving Tackles 1 2 2 2 3
Tackles Won % 80% 79% 72% 92% 81%
Shots Blocked 21 26 25 4 25
Interceptions 88 95 47 25 60
Total Clearances Made 252 288 131 69 387
Clearances per 90 mins 6.96 11.11 7.62 5.73 11.99
Headed Clearances 143 187 73 40 229
Passes per 90 mins 52.62 41.24 31.36 50.86 35.10
Pass Completion % 87% 73% 77% 80% 79%

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