Manchester United’s season in review

Wayne Rooney

Plenty of positives to look back on…and some negatives.

First of all, slightly late but anyway, congratulations to Chelsea. Ignoring all the obvious accusations of cheating, better treatment from referees, conspiracies, whatever, they have won the Premier League title because they gained a point more than us. Although Chelsea are now champions, that doesn’t, not for one second, mean Manchester United are in ‘decline’ or need a ‘major overhaul’ in order to earn back their crown.

The theme running through the season has been injury. But how much of an influence did it have? Manchester United, funnily enough, conceded the least goals in all 38 games and kept the most clean sheets but the numerous setbacks to Wayne Rooney towards the end blunted United’s final charge and the engine had faltered in his absence.

Rooney has  been United’s best player, but he certainly could not do it himself. Just like he did so with Cristiano Ronaldo, he once again created a formidable partnership with Antonio Valencia, who was exceptional and inspirational throughout but the beautiful exhibition of attacking football between the two was without reward. Darren Fletcher has had a great season, as you’d expect, and one could one wonder what next season holds. His partner in central midfield, Paul Scholes, burst into life in the last month but it was all too late.

Michael Carrick season contrasts to that of his fellow midfield counterparts. Warming the bench has been his main contribution in March and April and there are many doubts surrounding his future at the club after numerous inconsistencies on the pitch before and after the new year. We can also praise Nani for his ‘return’ to form, but for Berbatov, like Carrick, it has been anything but. I’m a big fan of his, but he’s had so many goalscoring opportunities that his statistics ought to be better than they are at the moment. Those stats are decent, but certainly could be better. I do hope he stays at the club, mind.

I guess United’s main problem could be that they just haven’t been able to kill teams off, and have struggled when morale is at its very lowest. That one bad week after the Muncih games and the Chelsea game sandwiched in the middle didn’t help the cause. Confidence was so low after those defeats, that they stumbled against a stubborn Blackburn a week later. Note that Rooney was an absentee in that game.

It is a pity that own goals is United’s joint second top goalscorer, actually O.G and Berbatov both have 12, and goals definitely have to come regularly from more than one source. Signings may need to be made, but one or two the least. A fellow twitterer suggested that I do a post on who United should sign in the summer, but I honestly don’t think many acquisitions will be made. The Carling Cup success, the rise of Rooney as a world class player and the impact of one or two others are positives to take out, but the fact that United lost out to Chelsea in the race for the title and exited the Champions League in a fashion that could’ve been prevented in the last eight is something the lads will look back on with some regret. Hopefully next season a different tale will be told.


2 responses to “Manchester United’s season in review”

  1. MancMalc says :

    I agree with you Gaffer, United are not in decline at all but basically need to bring in another goalscoring wizard to take the burden from Rooney’s shoulders and midfielder Hamsik from Napoli and I think that should be good enough to win the PL next season.
    As you rightly point out and all United fans know, that ‘that’ week when Bayern and Chelsea combined to dent our season was really the time when it all went wrong. A win at Blackburn would have seen a record 19th PL title come to OT but it was not to be.
    Disappointment ? yes… but anger ? etc, no!
    Anyway, all the best to all Man. United fans everywhere – have a good summer and here’s to a handful of trophies next season!

  2. Scott says :

    Sorry but I dont agree with you. Cause this United side needs lot of improvement. Valencia is good but not worldclass and cannot play on the left wing. Nani crosses way too many wide balls which sometimes frustrates Rooney and recently have started to show little character which is not good for United. Anderson needs to be played as a CAMand not a CDM. We need a good young right back to challenge Rafael and put some pressure on him so that he can improve more. Berbatov needs to go. He is the kind of player without whom United plays well. He slows the tempo of the game.
    Being a Manu fan I’m not very dissapointed but I’m hoping SAF would make some good changes
    that would help United not only the next one or two years but past it.

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