Forget hung parliaments – the real leader will be decided on Sunday

This year’s general election was the most exciting for decades, no doubt, so I felt a politically themed title would do nicely. Equally, or even more so, this Premier League title-race has been pretty exciting itself and after months of twists and turns, along with the usual clichés, the season comes to its climax on Sunday.

Much like the Conservative party are reaching out to the Liberal Democrats, Manchester United are looking at Wigan to do them a favour and help land their fourth successive title and that much-coveted 19th. It is unlikely that, even if the Red Devils defeat Stoke, that Chelsea would slip up and more than anything hand the title for United. In fact, Wigan’s away record is awful and anything but an easy victory for the leaders will be a surprise.

United should beat Stoke. That statement isn’t an optimistic one, definitely not. Wigan should beat Chelsea. Now, that’s an optimistic statement if there ever was one. A Wigan win may be regarded as likely as Titus Bramble selected for England purely on merit or Tom Huddlestone going down to the gym for a ‘intense workout’. A draw could still be enough, however, providing United win at Old Trafford.

Whatever happens on the so-called D-Day, this has certainly been the most exciting title race for some time. Regardless of the Chelsea result, United will know where they have slipped up. The Burnley game back in August comes to mind, but definitely it is that ‘one bad week‘ as Sir Alex describes it as where United not only crashed out of Europe but lost to Chelsea and thus losing ground in the race for the title. The Blackburn contest the following week ended in a 1-1 draw and dealt another blow.

Chelsea haven’t played great themselves since the United victory, the 7-0 defeat of Stoke an exception, and now both teams fight it out but is there still more drama to come? Many of United’s title-winning seasons have seen shocks and surprises but none have been like this, the most unpredictable of seasons. The season isn’t over until it’s over. I shall remain optimistic and who knows? Wigan have already beaten Chelsea and just a fortnight ago completed the most sensational of comebacks against Arsenal. Hung parliaments aren’t all that exciting, and if you were disappointed by how the whole election panned out, the league’s D-Day certainly won’t let you down. Unless of course, Wigan lose.


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