Chelsea and United show little sign of nerves

Paul Scholes, Nani

Observing a predictable day’s football

The word ‘pressure’ is used all too regularly when talking about the title race, but pundits alike were let down by the predictability as the big two showed little sign of nerves in the so-called ‘Super Sunday.’ It was as predictable as a romantic comedy or as predictable…as that cliché. Steven Gerrard certainly showed his romantic side, giving the most beautiful gift to Didier Drogba, and such is the importance of that gaffe that it could decide the title alone. Now, I’m not suggesting any conspiracies here, but…

To be fair to Liverpool, they did just come back from 120 minutes of football on Thursday night so what could we have expected? Even if Gerrard hadn’t made the most spectacular hash of a backpass, I do feel Chelsea would’ve still prevailed. They were comfortable throughout, and Frank Lampard’s second half strike was inevitable. Manchester United now require Wigan to do them a favour, but barring a minor miracle this should be Chelsea’s year. In fact, if they play like they did yesterday, showing no signs of pressure, then certainly you’d expect them to do the job. But I am, along with many others, still hoping that something miraculous happens.

Manchester United job was simple at the Stadium of Light: win. And they did, quite easily, although the final score suggests otherwise. Dimitar Berbatov was guilty of missing a host of chances but you can’t fault his positioning! While the Bulgarian continues to frustrate with his inaccuracy in front of goal, Nani has become somewhat of a revelation down those flanks. Once again, he was excellent and he fully deserved his goal. Resurgent is the perfect word to describe the Portuguese wonder, and that could too be used as an adjective for Paul Scholes.

It did originally look a season too many for United’s ginger maestro, but it was as almost as he recognised the importance that the last month of the League season would bring. Now, he isn’t usually renown for his tackling but the Sunderland game was an exception. He made two crucial slide tackles in the area and found possession many a time. Match of the Day has devoted analysis to him three weeks running. Now, I’m not usually fond of Alan Hansen’s observations but he was certainly impressed with Scholes’ ‘unbelievable’ performance.

Chelsea have one hand of the title, and it is all down to Wigan. You’d expect a Chelsea victory but underestimate Wigan. Beaten 9-1 by Spurs is enough reasons to feel gloomy and pessimistic but on the other hand, they have beaten Chelsea already this season as well as coming back from 2-0 down to beat Arsenal 3-2. There’s still reasons for optimism, it isn’t over until its over. Maybe next Sunday won’t be as predictable as this one. Maybe.


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