Nani is finally realising his full potential


It’s not yet a case of ‘Cristiano who?’ but it certainly may well be soon if Nani continues to play like this. He isn’t, and never will be, the ‘next Ronaldo’ but he has definitely justified his £17m price tag. Many had lost faith in the winger after a string of inconsistent performances in Autumn and his future at the club was under a cloud of uncertainty.

However, the penny finally appears to have dropped since the turn of the year and we have found a new player who has matured somewhat – not only is he creating goals, but scoring them too. The Arsenal game was a turning point and since then he hasn’t looked back. The picture above suggests jubilation etched across his face. That’s an all too familiar sight for the Old Trafford faithful these days.

What a difference a few games make, eh? I’m not sure if I would’ve trusted him to take a throw-on back in October, but I’m pretty certain that he could land a plane now. He’s learnt substantial amounts and is quickly realising his potential that he had but due to inconsistencies he could never display that week in week out. I feel that the real test for him now is to continue his rich vein of form for the remainder of the season, and transfer that to the World Cup going on to the new season.

I, along with many others, lost faith in him and was crazy enough to suggest that his days at Old Trafford were over. I’m glad that hasn’t happened, and it shows great character and determination from the player. I’ve always been a fan of his trickery and his skilfulness but was rather tired of his lack of maturity and his indecision. There are still many things for him to work on, for instance tracking back to help out more often but what we have seen in the last few months is the transformation of a player whose career at the club was grim.

Recent performances against Spurs and Bolton suggest why he’s now the first name on the team sheet. It was he who provided the all important cross for Paul Scholes against Manchester City last week, and I believe his better days are still ahead of him. Think about it, bags of confidence, faith restored in both fans and manager, and results on the pitch. If this is just a purple patch, let’s hope it continues for a long time…


10 responses to “Nani is finally realising his full potential”

  1. hesselbom says :

    Wasn’t it Evra providing the cross to Scholes agains City?

    Other than that I agree with you 100%. He definitely looks a world beater now!

  2. Sagar says :

    Yh it was definitely evra who crossed 2 scholes.
    Did u see dat chip on saturday tho? It ws incredible!

  3. Imi says :

    I never lost faith in Nani from the first time he wore the Utd shirt to this day. I completely disagree that he has been incosistent as he has been shafted by Fergie who in his wisdom prefered Park over Nani. Over the last 2 years rarely has Nani been given any kind of a run in the team and now that he has he is showing what he can do.

    Skillful players like Nani rely on confidence and if you select em 1 in 5 games than they simply are not going to perform.

    Yet fergie still droped him for the Chelsea game other wise the title (though undeserved) could have been ours already.

    P.S Nani will be better than Ronaldo provided he is given the same freedom and confidence Ron was.

    PPS. Does Ronaldo track back or how about Messi, Henry, Kaka Ribery and Robben. NO! Than why is Nani expected to. He is a genuine match winner and we have plenty of donkeys in the team who can do the tracking back. Stop being so obsessed with this tracking back business.

  4. The Gaffer says :

    Apologies, it was Patrice Evra….

    Imi: It’s key that wingers do so now with the style of play adopted by most full backs. I’m pretty sure Messi tracks back. Sky Sports devoted some analysis to him in the Arsenal game tracking back and I’m sure, if you watch the Bayern game this week, you’ll see Ribery and Robben (or Robbery) track back to help out.

    I do admire your faith in Nani stating that he will be ‘better than Ronaldo provided he is given the same freedom and confidence Ron was.’

  5. Imi says :

    Nani came during the 07-08 season – he was 20, scholes and giggs got injured and he got his opportunity and delivered pretty much straight away.

    If you analyse the performances of nani and ron at similar ages than I am convinced nani was a better player at 20 than Ron was.

    I think Nani should have been given similar sort of freedom that Ron was i.e. go out there and express yourself. Just look at some of the skills he produced and goals he scored in 07-08 I think he was and is fab and will only get better and better.

    I think he has been unfairly treated and expected to perform at Ron’s level without anywhere near the same leeway afforded to Ron. Everytime he makes the slightest of mistakes it highlighted, debated by commentators and fans alike.

    give the boy a chance and he will more than fill Ron’s boots!

    Nani Nani

  6. kel says :

    I have to agree with Imi. I know there are many being impatient with Nani however, you should also know that there are a lot of people like me and Imi who never lose faith in him.

    I believe in 07/08 he was so good that i could continue playing him. Fergie never give him a run of many games to make him confident and get more experience.

    Look at how many matches he play in United shirt. No many. Look at how long his run of first team is. Not much either. Ronaldo was in the team and he will always play before Nani. When Ronaldo comes, he was the first prodigy who had the magic in him that can produce moment of magic for us.

    A team doesn’t need too many prodigy. Barcelona had Messi. Real Madrid had Ronaldo. United had Ronaldo in the past and Nani for me was one of the prodigy but having too many prodigy will not be good. Fergie will not let 2 prodigy play often in a team. Now that Ronaldo leave, Nani has the chance. Nani confess his feelings to the media, Fergie realise he has not shown more confidence in him.

    Now that Fergie starts playing him more often, you can see Nani never looked back since then. He change his fortune at United in 4 months. This is what Berbatov and Anderson will be looking to.

  7. kel says :

    On another thought, Nani goal against Tottenham is one Ronaldo is hard to score with in that situation. I think Ronaldo doesn’t score that kind of goals. What a goal.

  8. Walter Mitty says :

    It’s heartening to see Nani perform the way he has, especially since there were all those rumours about him leaving the club in January – normally, there’s no smoke without fire – but now he’s got a new 4-year contract, and if he keeps performing like this (and sees out the contract) he’ll become a United legend, easy.

    I just hope that he’s not sold off when Madrid or City come in waving their big bucks just to pay those interest payments.

  9. Jimmy says :

    SAF should play Nani on the right. He plays best in the position.

  10. AJIT VADAKAYIL says :




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