Future looking bleak for two of United’s World Cup hopefuls

Gary Neville and Owen Hargreaves. Two players that are hoping to feature for England in the World Cup. The odds are against them and it unlikely either of the two will make the plane to South Africa.

What about Michael Owen? It’s true that he may not play in the World Cup, but unlike Hargreaves and Neville, his future as a footballer hasn’t come into question and he certainly will get games. With all the rumours suggesting that Gary Neville is to retire at the end of the season, or that he has been ‘frozen’ out of the starting line up because of his discipline, you wonder what the future holds for the United captain. I’m not too sure if the latter is true but I do think he will retire sometime in the near future. Regular first team appearances have been rare for the skipper this season.

Hargreaves’ United career has been blighted due to injuries. What a great player he is, but frustratingly, he has spent as much time on the pitch as the treatment table. I think he will return to the United squad soon, but the news that he has not made the 25 man squad to face AC Milan in Europe is not very encouraging.

You wonder what impact he will have when/if he does finally return, fingers crossed it all goes well. Still, he will have little time to impress Fabio Capello and I’m sure he won’t make the team although he certainly has the talent.

Two great players but the future is looking bleak for the England duo. In fact, not making the World Cup squad should be the least of their worries.


One response to “Future looking bleak for two of United’s World Cup hopefuls”

  1. koketso says :

    I sincerely hope hargreaves recovers, I think united could do with more depth in terms of quality in the midfield and attack.neville in my opinion is done, he has become remarkably slow. to call him good would be to feel comfortable with the likes of torres or defoe running at him, im sure I speak for many when I say I don’t!!! he has experience yes, but he’s habitually having to jersey pull in order to to stay with his man from lack of pace, coupled with his temper he’s like an atm giving away free kicks when opposition please. he maybe fine against relegation threatened teams but at the highest level, neville is a big big no no for me.

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