Wayne Rooney’s Premier League ton (Statistics)

Wayne Rooney

Nani took all the plaudits on Sunday with a blistering performance in the 3-1 over Arsenal. But the game also saw Rooney’s 100th Premier League goal for the club. His first goal came on his 19th birthday against Arsenal (of course). Rooney is priceless. He always has been, but this season has been his best yet. Why?

  • He’s scored 20 goals in 22 league appearances
  • Or 13 in his last 11 games
  • The most fascinating stat of all is that Nicolas Anelka scored 19 goals last season to win the Golden Boot award. Rooney has already scored that many plus one and it’s only the start of February!

Rooney’s Premier League ton – (247 Appearances)


  • Right foot – 80
  • Left – 15
  • Head – 5


  • Inside Area – 87
  • Outside – 9
  • Penalty – 4


  • Home – 51
  • Away – 49

3 responses to “Wayne Rooney’s Premier League ton (Statistics)”

  1. Dex says :

    Right foot – 80
    Left – 18
    Head – 5

    Thats 103??

  2. ssembuya roland says :

    rooney is good at the field, and he deserves to be the world footballer this year

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