Will Sir Alex act in January?


First things first, my apologies for not providing my usual preview of the Premier League fixture against Birmingham.  I had expected the game to be called off as the majority of fixtures were over the weekend but all credit to the Blues for getting the game on.

Now onto the more pressing matter.  Is Sir Alex right to avoid the transfer market in January?

With the money from Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid seemingly unspent many fans have questioned just why the United boss hasn’t splashed out on a big-name signing in the transfer market. According to Fergie it is because the prices of his targets have become over-inflated.

This is what he has said on the matter: “I don’t have any concerns about the financial situation. There is absolutely no issue at all.

“Concerns of the supporters are down to the fact that I haven’t moved in the transfer market. But that is nothing to do with the Glazers or with David Gill. It is simply because I am not going to pay £50million for a striker who is not worth it.”

In all honesty, I think United do need another option in attack this season and a move for a striker or attacking midfielder would be hugely welcomed.  If, for example, Wayne Rooney was to suffer an injury blow United would be left weak in attack and in my opinion he needs a bit more support at times up front. New-boy Mame Biram Diouf got a run out against Birmingham but it is too early to pass real judgment on his abilities.

If, and it is a big ‘if’, the United boss does decide to delve into the transfer market who will be his likely targets?

One name that has cropped up is Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, who only joined the Spanish giants during the summer. Benzema has found it hard to break into the Real side due to the presence of Kaka and Ronaldo (pretty sure everyone thought that might happen) and it has been suggested he could be set for a £20million move to Old Trafford.  I’m not sure how likely this is to be honest, it could just be a case of lazy journalism as he was linked with a move to United last summer.

I would take Benzema though, at Lyon he had a touch of class and probably made the wrong decision moving to Madrid – indeed at £20million he would be around £10million less than Real paid for him, a bid it was thought Ferguson had matched.

Aside from Benzema there has been little going on in terms of transfer rumours regarding United.  Porto striker Hulk has been linked with a move but his current employers say there is no chance of him going anywhere until the end of the season.  With reports stating Dimitar Berbatov requires knee surgery Ferguson may be forced to act in January, so the rumour mill may kick in before the month is out but at the moment it seems to be a case of wait and see.

Written by Gareth Freeman, promoting Cheltenham 2010 and horse racing Ireland.


10 responses to “Will Sir Alex act in January?”

  1. Brian says :

    You could always try to buy Carlos Tevez, he he he.

  2. Krishan Ghedia says :

    Due to the current financial situation at Old Trafford, Sir Alex will not be buying anyone. As and avid supporter of United its quite frustrating as we do need another dimension up front and we need a creative midfielder, as our play has become very rigid since the sale of Ronaldo and Tevez.

    i can’t see us buying anyone in January, as Sir Alex has already come out and that he is not a fan of mid-season transfers. But one person i would like to see United go in for is Jermaine Defoe, he has everything we are looking for in a striker. Pace, Touch and finishing. I personally don’t think we should move for a big name signing as in the past they have never full-filled there price tags and reputation.

    Defoe and Modric in the summer?,

    only god knows.

    • John Tring says :

      Not that SAF won’t buy, he just can’t. Club is in finacial trouble and SAF has wasted huge sums on duds like Berba, Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves and so on. So, some moronic fans castigate Glazers without knowing much. In any other business if you waste 70million pds on useless purchases, you need to answer real hard. Glazers are in in business. For me, SAF has done great things but should know how to exit gracefully. 2008 CL win was a great goodbye chance.

  3. fearless says :

    citeh fans seem to read more united articles than i do ffs

    go n win a cup brian

  4. Brian says :

    An avid City fan- Yes.

    I just hope that City can play badly in the future and still be 2nd in the premiership.


    Just might be of interest.

  5. fearless says :

    well you’ve played worse and you are 4th so you havent got that far to go mate

    and as for ur link – well done u got a united player, a few more and all you obsessed united – errr i mean city fans could start wearing red

  6. Brian says :

    At last a United fan with a sense of Humour, as apposed to just downright bad manners. It has to be said though from now on, and in line with this article City now shop at Harrods, Utd shop at Aldi.

  7. Brian says :

    Oh and by the way, wonder what is better, a future or a history, mmm

    • fearless says :

      haha theres some bargains to be had in aldi mate especially when compared to the harrods rejects like vieira!

      you seriously see no future for us? well go and take look into our well documented recent history and im quite sure you’ll find many a chelsea fan going on like you lot.. they bought some of our staff, some of our playing staff and they bought a couple of trophies – any of that sounding familiar? hughes, kidd, tevez?? how do we respond? 3 titles on the bounce

      talking of bad manners, show some respect boy


  8. whitsport says :

    I’d be shocked if Fergie sprung for Benzema, I also don’t think Madrid will sell him after just 5 months. Benzema is not what united need, simply because he is too similar too Wayne Rooney. Ferguson should focus on sharpening his lineup with support up front as well as adding some depth along the injury riddled back line. Don’t count on Hulk coming in (at least not until the summer). I would expect, however, for United to go after someone like Joe Cole. Cheers!


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