Are our youngsters good enough?

Are our youngsters good enough? Everyone talks about the youngsters at Arsenal and how talented they are, and this is certainly true but what about the youngsters at Man Utd, are they good enough to make the grade or are we going to have to splash out ridiculous sums on more top names?

From what I have seen this season we have a very bright future ahead of us, if our youngsters can continue to progress as they have this year. Sir Alex has started to show faith in his young guns, the most notable of recent weeks being Macheda who has scored what could be 2 crucial goals for the title.

The most prominent and established player to come through this season so far has been Jonny Evans, who has been simply outstanding and looks to have a long and successful career ahead of him in a Man Utd shirt.

Other players that have flirted in and out of the team to differing degrees are Danny Welbeck, Fabio, Rafael, Rodrigo Possebon, Darron Gibson and of course Macheda. All these players look to have the potential to make the break through and eventually become first team regulars.

The most exciting pair for me has to be Fabio and Rafael who show absolutely no fear and have a fantastic talent. These pair certainly have a bright future ahead of them and are ones to watch.

Danny Simpson and Frazier Campbell are on loan at Blackburn and Tottenham respectively and are two more players who look like having the attributes to make an impact.

I believe we have the best group of youngsters we have had for years, with their really being a lack of now established players coming through the ranks for quite a few season obviously with the exception of a couple. However I am not sure whether the players will be given enough chances to displace the established and VERY expensive players we have at the moment.

Berbatov has had a limited impact since he signed and there are certainly arguments that he should be dropped and the young boys given their chance, but do you drop a £30 million player to the bench every week? Nani and Anderson, both very young themselves, were bought for a lot of money but have been inconsistent and there again you could be justified to drop them and give the other lads a shot, but again they are a combined £30 million do you need to persevere?

The current crop of youngsters are certainly something to get excited about and for the first time in a while could rival the Arsenal ones but I still worry that the may be too few opportunities for the lads to break through and show there worth.

By Danny Watson, a professional sports writer who blogs about football news.


2 responses to “Are our youngsters good enough?”

  1. Franco Mizzi says :

    Is there any doubt? Not the finished article as yet but on Sunday they performed very well against a very good and organised Everton side. I could not beleive that there were some who said we do not have the strenght in dept. For starters SAF had very little choice but to throw them at the deep end as playing our strongest 11 was no guarantee of the game ending within the 90 minutes or winning the game itself. If it was our strongest side who got beat after extra time they would be demorolised and jaded for todays match against Pompey.

    Anyway the kids are doing well and will only get better and better.

  2. Rite$h says :

    I vote for bringing them to a regular role in the first team instead of spending huge amount of money on other teams stars who eventually cannot cope with the style of play at OT. Rafael is already an established right back, fabio needs some more games but was brilliant vs Everton, Gibson can become the next Scholes, while Macheda the new Nistelrooy…only worry is for Welbeck, no doubt he plays well, but what is his preferred position on the pitch in the end? i’ve seen him play right winger in a match not so long ago, and on sunday he was on the left…

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