Fergie wins the mind games yet again

By Gareth Freeman

Ahead of Liverpool’s league tie with Arsenal there was a notable absentee at the press conference – Rafa Benitez. Alex Ferguson has always been a bit of a master at the old ‘mind games’ or whatever you want to call them. He made Kevin Keegan snap, he has sparred with Arsene Wenger on numerous occasions and now it looks as if Rafa has fallen by the wayside in his latest, and probably most bitter, feud.

Earlier in the season when Liverpool were way ahead in the league and looked well on course for the title Rafa launched a bizarre outburst, under very little provocation, aimed at Fergie. After that Liverpool’s form dropped and they fell way behind United. They’re finally getting themselves back on track to at least challenge for the title and yet again the ‘feud’ flares up.

After Liverpool’s 4-0 mauling of Blackburn Ferguson and Rovers’ boss Sam Allardyce claimed Rafa was making gestures to ‘humiliate’ Allardyce and he criticised the Anfield boss for calling Everton a ‘small club.’ The Liverpool team obviously knew how Benitez would react and decided not to put him in front of the media ahead of their tie with Arsenal.

Ferguson’s ‘mind games’ seem to be working again. Benitez has either decided, or been told, not to go out in front of the media and that would signal he perhaps is a bit rattled. The more impressive thing is that Fergie started the latest feud, then ended it. His latest comments on the feud are: “I don’t want to go on about it anymore. I made my point. There is no point carrying it on. It’s plain for everybody to see now. I have made my issue about it.”

Benitez didn’t even get to reply to Ferguson’s comments, assistant manager Sammy Lee did instead. It would seem that as it gets to crunch time and the betting odds are shortening on Liverpool nicking the title, Ferguson has played his trump card with maximum effect. We’ll just see how it works out in the remaining games but I wouldn’t go betting on Liverpool claiming their first title in nearly 20 years this season.


3 responses to “Fergie wins the mind games yet again”

  1. jamiesdad says :

    What are you on about Fergie wins the mind games yet again? The man has been made to look a fool by Sammy Lee doing the press conference and telling the whole world that Fergie’s poodle never said anything to him about the apparent gesture straight after the game. Ferguson is on the Ropes and as for arrogance that is exactly all Man utd fans for even thinking he’s winning the mind games. Why talk about Liverpool AGAIN and right before a semi final against someone else? Ferguson like all United fans has an obsession with Liverpool because they are more succesful l than you and there will always be an obsession until United go ahead in the trophy stakes. Just admit it. And now Fergie knows that liverpool now have a manager that will once again leave united in the shade.

  2. ManU says :

    Jamiedad you are dead wrong for supporting the Spanish Coach Rafa. The remarks that Rafa made aginst were utter rubbish and also childish because he has nothing else to say and lost of words.He should pack his bag and go back to Spain asap because he has made himself a stupid dope.

  3. Rite$h says :

    Well, jamiesdad is not totally wrong, instead of focusing on his own team lackings, fergie is going around pointing fingers to the fat spanish waiter! It has to be said though that winning verbal wars mean nothing, it is the club’s glory and history that counts, and as far as i knw, the scousers have a better history than man utd.
    I watched the scousers play last night, and i can tell u that even if it ended a 4-4 draw again, they played far better than united does, and the atmosphere at their stadium is terrific…the ‘you’ll never walk alone’ sung b4 kickoff just outclassed the atmosphere of any stadium around the world, and the fans continued to sing and encourage the team even when arsenal were leading, something we dnt see at OT. The united fans only cheer when goals are scored, and then its as if the mute button was pressed…
    The draw gives united the chance to open a gap, provided they make the most of tonite’s game + others to follow

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