Q&A: Patrice Evra wants goals

Patrice Evra, United’s left-back, was recently interviewed by ManUtd.com.

An interesting excerpt from the interview…

How pleased are you with your form? You seemed to just pick up where you left off last season…
It wasn’t easy at first, I missed a lot of pre-season because I’d been at the European Championships. I felt confident when I came back, particularly after what we achieved last season, but you need be careful because that success is in the past and you must look forward and keep improving. At the start of each season I tell myself ‘Pat you have won nothing.’ That way I can focus on helping the team win as many trophies as possible. When you are the champions it’s more difficult to keep hold of your trophies, but the challenge to do that is very exciting and I think about it every morning.

You seem to have developed into the complete left-back, but are there areas of your game you still want to improve?
I need to continue to defend well, but this season I really want to score more goals. I know I have the ability, but so far I haven’t been able to do that regularly at United. Of course, first and foremost I am defender and I need to do my job well, but I hope I will get the opportunity to create and score more goals.


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