The Last Word 27.10.08

Sir Alex blames Wiley, Ronaldo’s body language and the value of Tevez

1. It was disappointing to see Sir Alex focus on criticising the referee instead of criticising his team as well after the draw to Everton. However he did give credit to Everton who were just below the border of over-aggressiveness, taking the game to United and making it hard for them to play. Rooney and Berbatov went missing and Ronaldo is still to make the impact he made last season. Sir Alex said:

“The referee was to blame, and the crowd was egging him on and there was every chance he may have been sent off, and not for anything he did in the game. You get a booking for nothing and then you wonder what the referee is going to do next. Cristiano Ronaldo had a chance near the end if he could have dug it out of his feet, but we didn’t deserve anything because at that point it was a hanging-on job.”

2. Cristiano Ronaldo has won the FifPro award and is likely to make a clean sweep by winning all three of the Ballon d’Or, European Footballer of the Year (voted on by journalists) and the Fifa World Player of the Year (chosen by national team coaches). Much has been made of the Portuguese wingers body language but the reality seems that not that he is unhappy but frustration; because he is not hitting the heights of last season.

Regarding the Ballon d’Or; how could they not shortlist Rio Ferdinand? Did they not see who was skippering the side not to mention his performances?

3. As if Sir Alex Ferguson needed a reason to splash out £30m for Tevez, he got the answer on Saturday. Okay Tevez didn’t have enough time to make an impact but having three world class strikers at your disposal on a match day is not a bad thing. The Argentinine’s services would have been much needed in a gritty match and his hard work is priceless. The gap between class players and world class players is small but the values high so Fergie would do well if he signed Tevez permanently.

4. Liverpool are top of the table after a well deserved win against Chelsea but it is the nature of their performances this season which has caught the eye. They play 4-4-2 against ‘weaker’ clubs and they have more trouble beating them. Against the ‘bigger’ clubs they revert to 4-5-1 and grind their way to a win. This leads me to believe points are more likely to be dropped against such teams as Wigan or Hull.


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