Sir Alex’s “no value in the market” comment rings true

Alex Ferguson, Javier Hernandez

“It is amazing the amounts of money that are being bandied about in the present-day game.” Sir Alex Ferguson, August 2010

How much has VAT increased by? Apparently, a lot, if some of the transfers today are to go by. Chelsea have captured Fernando Torres for a hefty sum and Benfica’s David Luis for £20million, but perhaps, the biggest surprise is Andy Carroll’s move to Anfield. Reports suggest the Merseyside club have paid up to £35million for his services.

Yes, Carroll is the most promising new forward England have had since, well, Wayne Rooney and you’d expect him to attract the attention of the bigger clubs. However, £35million (£5m more than United spent on Rooney) might be a tad over the limit for a player who has experienced a somewhat-mixed campaign, important goals sandwiched by injuries in what is, remember, his first ‘proper’ season in the top flight of English football. His actual valuation should be at something around £12-15m. This sort of spending is what Sir Alex would most probably describe as “kamikaze”.

There was once a time where Manchester United led the way in splashing out the cash in the transfer window; United paid over £30million for Rio Ferdinand in 2002, and they followed that up spending similar amounts for (to name a few) Juan Sebastián Verón, Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov. But since then, United’s focus has been solely on youth – and if they were to spend a considerable amount of money, it would perhaps be used on a player who has still yet to hit his peak and yet to become an established name – for example, Javier Hernandez, Chris Smalling (to an extent) and Bebe.

Fergie has often been criticised by United fans for his comments of there being “no value in the market”, and in some instances he has been proven wrong; take Rafael van der Vaart’s move to Spurs for £8million and even his own swoop for Hernandez, believed to be around £7million. Barcelona have too landed a bargain in the shape of Ibrahim Afellay, the 24-year-old Dutchman, for the princely sum of €3million. Although you could argue that Fergie’s hardly been proven wrong – and that he has just generalised current spending, and in that sense he’s right.

Look at Darren Bent’s transfer to Aston Villa – even a generally clinical striker like him isn’t worth £24m. Heck, it’s debatable whether he’s worth half of that sum. Manchester City (surprise, surprise) spent exactly the same amount on Joleon Lescott in 2009 – that signing, in hindsight, would hardly be deemed successful, would it?  There’s a feeling shared amongst many that United need to spend, however, the trouble is, what and who can Sir Alex spend his funds on? Frustrated at the lack of activity or not, this transfer deadline day certainly suggests Sir Alex was right all along…

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9 responses to “Sir Alex’s “no value in the market” comment rings true”

  1. Fergie is GOD. says :

    Dzeko £27m, Bent £24m, Carroll £35m, Torres £50m……over inflated valuation. Bale £40m+, M.Richards £20m….over inflated value. Fergie is right as usual.

  2. Fergie is GOD. says :

    Chamberlain £10m, Henderson £20m, Adam £14m…….over inflated valuations. Fergie is right as always.

  3. kidmeister says :

    There’s plenty of players out there to buy!You don’t rest on your laurels you have to keep investing in the team!I think this is all down to the Glazers locking the chequebook down.How can buying a keeper justify putting next seasons prices up again?If the glazers wanted the best for this club they’d sell it,as they’re only in it for the money they’ll bleed us dry till the very last drop and then sell!

    • Quis says :

      Jazus never heard that before… oh wait a moment, someones been been drinking… You think these owners are in it to please the likes of you? look in the mirror, now tell me who else gives a flying nasty about your whinging ignorance?

  4. Chrisw says :

    I remember saying last summer that far from there being “no value in the market” prices were actually quite low in the aftermath of the recession and we should be taking advantage of this to buy.

    Well it looks like that opportunity has now passed. Prices are high again. Sir Alex doesn’t often get it wrong but he screwed this one up.

    No and no. This “no value in the market” crap isn’t fooling anyone. Ferguson isn’t spending because the Glazers won’t let him.

  5. Rija says :

    wow top of the table with “mediocre” players. you need 11 players to play the game, not just one star

  6. Fergie is GOD. says :

    United doesnt need anyone, best squad in the League, strongest depth and plenty of money for when Fergie wants to spend and he will when he decides not whe fans cry. Fergie is right about there being no value for money.

  7. Fergie is GOD. says :

    Chicharito + £6m = value for money. Javier is a superstar, a United favorite already and will only get better. 11 gls in 26 already and the scary thing is that he is only 22 and will get better, a future world player of the year for sure.

  8. Fergie is GOD. says :

    Chicharito is easily a £50m player now, a long beautiful future at Manchester United with loads of trophies ad this superstar will lead the way and score for fun. The future is bright, the future is Manchester United.

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